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Rojutsu Blox Codes for June 2024: Get Free XP, Spins, and Exclusive Rewards



It’s time for Roblox players to take center stage since they will receive some unusual freebies! However, if you’re a fan of Jujutsu Kaisen, this announcement will undoubtedly transform your life!

This entire month, Rojutsu Blox Codes have been making the rounds. If this is news to you, stay tuned as we will be revealing several significant games at the end. I mean, we’ll provide you with access to some special Rojutsu Blox Codes. Seems intriguing? If so, continue reading!

What are Rojutsu Blox Codes?

Before moving further, let’s have a clear idea of what exactly Rojutsu Blox Codes are. It’s nothing but another game for Roblox players that captures the essence of the renowned manga, Jujutsu Kaisen. Just like in the show, you have to fight evil spirits to level up your gaming journey.

After all the explanation, now it’s time to share exclusive Rojutsu Blox codes that you can use to kick-start your journey.

Below are all the Rojutsu Blox Codes as of June 3, 2024:

  • !PrestCode7: 5% chance to keep your stats/level and gain a prestige level
  • !PrestCode8: 5% chance to keep your stats/level and gain a prestige level
  • !PremSpin7: Premium Spin
  • !PremSpin8: Premium Spin
  • !RegSpin5: Regular Spin
  • !RegSpin4: Regular Spin
  • !ReColor7: Random Cursed Energy Color
  • !ReColor8: Random Cursed Energy Color

How do I redeem Rojutsu Blox codes?

Got codes! But are confused about how to redeem your reward in the game? Don’t worry; we have your back! You can simply go to the menu section of the game and claim your rewards easily, but if these steps are confusing for you, don’t worry; just follow the below steps, and you are good to go!!

  1. First, open Rojutsu Blox and click ‘Play.’
  2. Then, simply, press the M button to open the Settings menu.
  3. Click the ‘Codes’ button on the right.
  4. Copy a code from the list and paste it in the space.
  5. Click ‘Check Code’ to get your rewards.

Simple! Isn’t it?

A Complete List of Expired Rojutsu Blox Codes:

Well, after revealing some active Rojutsu Blox codes, now it’s time to unveil some expired codes and the rewards that were redeemed through them. (I know this doesn’t sound wonderful, but it still helps you get prior knowledge.)

  • !ResetCode2: Free stat reset
  • !ResetCode4: Free stat reset
  • !Spin2: 45x Spins
  • !Spin3: 30x Spins
  • !Spin4: 90x Spins
  • !PremiumSpin2: 15x Premium Spins
  • !PremiumSpin4: 20x Premium Spins
  • !ReBalance: 100k XP
  • !ReBalance2: 30 mins 1.5x XP
  • !BloodCurse: 90x Spins
  • !Parties: 50x Spins
  • !ReKatana: 10 Premium Spins, 45x Spins, 15 minutes 1.5x XP
  • !OtherFixes Fixes: 30 minutes 1.5x XP and 15x Premium Spins
  • !Curtain: Free Reward
  • !Upd3: 60x Spins, 2,500 Yen, 50,000 XP, 30 minutes, 1.5x XP
  • !PlantUpdate: 30x Spins, 5x Premium Spins, 10,000 Yen, 10,000 XP
  • !GiftsForAll for All: 30x Spins, 5x Premium Spins, 10,000 Yen, 10,000 XP
  • !NewShop: 5x Premium Spins, 30x Spins, 10,000 Yen
  • !Fix2 – 45x Spins

Understanding the Purpose of Rojutsu Blox Codes in Roblox:

After seeing exclusive Rojutsu Blox codes that can be redeemed, including the expired ones, now it’s time to understand their sole purpose in the game. Why do you even need them in the first place?

Well, Rojutsu Blox Codes in Roblox are codes that can give you Spins and Cursed Energy Color, and if you are lucky enough, you can get your hands on Yen. Yes, you read that right!

It can give you what is necessary and can advance your gameplay. So, if you are hesitant to try these codes, don’t worry; they’re safe and work well! Why not give it a shot?

Wrapping Up:

That’s all for this guide. I hope this post will help you get astonishing rewards in game. And for more such fantastic guides, stay tuned to our posts! Lastly, thanks for reading.

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