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Listen Up Gamers! If You Wanna Up The Ante …Check Out These Podcasts | 2024




In today’s digital age, podcasts have become a staple source of entertainment and information for millions worldwide. They offer a convenient and immersive way to engage with content, allowing listeners to keep up with the latest trends or discover niche interests. 

Probably one of the best things about podcasts is the fact that you can listen to them at your own leisure or even whilst doing other stuff too. Not only that, there’s a podcast about virtually every topic imaginable. From fitness and lifestyle, to cooking and money management. There are even podcasts about online gambling where tips are given on ways players can maximize their winnings when using new no deposit bonuses. But, as a side note, there are even dedicated sites with specialized reviews and guides, like this one written by casino experts at – it’s certainly worth checking out.

In recent years, gaming has flourished as a vibrant niche in the podcasting realm, offering a plethora of shows catering to fans of both mainstream titles and hidden gems. Explore our top picks for the best gaming podcasts below. 

1. Castle Super Beast

Formerly known as the Super Best Friendcast, hosts Woolie and Pat launched their podcast after the original team behind the renowned gaming YouTube channel Super Best Friends Play parted ways. The podcast has since been rebranded as Castle Super Beast, where the hosts delve into gaming news and industry updates. While they often deviate from the main topic, Woolie and Pat engage in candid banter that captivates listeners. Their quirky humor and unique perspectives offer a refreshing approach to keeping up with the latest gaming developments.

2. 8-4 Play

The 8-4 Play podcast is a must for gaming aficionados craving a mix of enlightening discussions, industry tales, and chill chats. Hosts John Ricciardi, Mark MacDonald, Justin Epperson and Sarah Podzorski strike a perfect balance between informative content and relaxed chat, providing their expert takes on a wide range of topics, including highly anticipated new releases like The Last of Us Part II Remastered .

3. Get Played

Ever played a truly terrible game and wondered, ‘How did this even get made?’ Well, you’re not alone. Comedians Nick Wiger and Heather Anne Campbell have taken their curiosity one step further by launching a podcast dedicated solely to this question. Each week, the pair, along with various guests, delve into the weirdest and most poorly received video games, attempting to uncover the root of this perplexing question while offering their unique takes. 

4. Game Scoop

Game Scoop, an IGN creation, delivers all the essential gaming news to listeners. Covering a broad spectrum of console updates, including PS5, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC gaming, and mobile gaming apps, Game Scoop! is a must-listen for gaming enthusiasts. The hosts’ genuine passion for gaming news is evident, particularly during the entertaining Video Game 20 Questions segment at the end of each episode. Test your gaming knowledge and see if you can outsmart them!

5. Triple Click

Triple Click, hosted by gaming experts Kirk Hamilton, Maddy Myers, and Jason Schreier, offers a witty take on video game podcasts. Each episode features discussions about highly anticipated releases, revisits to classic titles, and even a nod to Tomb Raider.

It’s not just entertaining; Triple Click also provides insightful explorations into gaming history, covering trending topics like new game announcements, walkthroughs for recent titles, and addressing listener questions.

6. Giant Bombcast

Giant Bombcast is widely regarded as one of the biggest gaming podcasts worldwide, with a large following. Its appeal lies in its extensive coverage of gaming news, reviews, and interviews with industry figures.

The podcast’s strength lies in the lively interactions between the hosts, leading to entertaining discussions and engaging threads. With its mix of entertainment and informative content, Giant Bombcast is a must-listen for gamers.

7. The Psychology of Video Games

Have you ever pondered the role of psychology in shaping game narratives? Curious about its creative applications? This podcast explores these questions and more. Delving into topics like the sexualization of game characters and player moral choices, expert guests provide valuable insights. The result is a professional, concise show that prompts reflection on how games impact players.

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