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How to Defeat Zeus in Fortnite



Zeus in Fortnite

The new season of the Fortnite game features some of the most exciting mythical items from Greek mythology. Just like online casino slots,  which evolved from static games to dynamic games, Fortnite also offers a similar experience. An immersive experience that will get the players to actively participate in the game. For a thrilling rush of excitement, the UK online slots at Amazon Slots could just be what a player needs.

The new chapter 5 of season 2 has new features such as powerful weapons, medallions, fascinating locations, and bosses. The thrilling experience offered by this new version is next to none, as players will try to defeat the great god of Olympus, Zeus. 

The battle is not going to be easy as Zeus will not sit around and allow a mere mortal to defeat him. But it promises to be one of the most exciting battles you have ever fought. Additionally, we are here to guide you on how to defeat the mighty Zeus and claim his loot. 

Zeus’ Altar Location

To conquer the mighty god of Olympus and acquire all his powerful weapons that will make the rest of the battle easier for you, you need to locate Zeus. Being a mighty boss, you will not see him roaming like other bosses. So you have to locate his altar and lure him out to a battle with you. 

His altar is located on Mount Olympus. Enter the altar and have an interaction with the mighty statue in the middle of the throne room. The interaction will lure Zeus out and trigger the boss fight. 

Remember, other players are also there to kill Zeus and claim all he has to offer. These players can decide to eliminate you when you think you are going to claim the reward. So, it will be better to stay covered while fighting. 

Another thing to bear in mind while claiming rewards is that the more medallions you claim, the more visible you become to other players on the map.  

How to Beat Zeus. 

The boss fight is usually in three stages:

The first stage 

When you lure Zeus out, he will charge at you with weapons, so you have to fight back. His Shields are usually very strong, so you would need grenades to weaken these shields to get at him. It will be better to go for headshots as they are most effective in this boss battle.

Occasionally, Zeus may leap into the air and throw a lightning bolt at you, so you have to be alert and ready to take cover. You can also feign offense by running towards him, this will cause him to miss his target. If you are playing as a squad, you can take advantage of his vulnerability when he leaps into the air. Thus, other squad members can shoot at him as he can only target one person from the air.  

Second Stage 

Defeating Zeus in the first stage does not automatically translate to conquering him. Rather, the battle will move to the second stage. Here, Zeus needs to recharge as he has been immobilized. 

He stays in a kneeling position with lightning bubbles around him.

Being down, Zeus sends out his minions with assault rifles to defeat you while it gets recharged. The minions are his warriors with a health pool of only 100. So no matter how numerous they may appear, they are very easy to defeat, and defeating them will lead you to the third and final stage of this boss fight. 

While these minions are easy to defeat, remember to take cover or you may end up losing all your health. So, tackle them from a safe position. 

Third Stage 

At this stage, Zeus is revitalized and he rises into the air, absorbing all the lightning bubbles to grow larger. This gives him a higher health pool and makes him look more formidable. However, the power of his weapons remains the same. 

At this stage, extra care has to be taken to avoid being hit by a lightning bolt when Zeus leaps into the air. He can also form an electric ring around a player to destroy the player as the ring damages anything within it. So you need to run away from the electric ring as soon as you find it around you. 

Smartly take cover while fighting Zeus and you will conquer him and claim the sweet loot. 

The Speed Medallion

After defeating Zeus, his medallion will be yours to claim. This medallion will give you great speed when you are on the move and also make your jumps higher. However, remember that this medallion will reveal your location to every player. Making you an easy target. 

Zeus’ Huntress DMR Stats

Zeus got a powerful rifle from the goddess of the hunt, to give him good luck in every battle. Fortunately, the god of Olympus drops this powerful weapon for players to pick up. This rifle helps players who are good at aiming to eliminate other players with just a shot. 

This rifle has the following stats;

  • Optic – it has a flawless sniper scope of 4x scoped view
  • Magazine – it has the super reload speed of a speed magazine 
  • Barrel – it has a muzzle brake that reduces recoil in rifles
  • Underbarrel – it has the angled foregrip
  • Damage – damage capacity is 76
  • Fire Rate – 1.46
  • Reload Time – 1.97
  • Magazine Size – 7 


With the new boss, new weapon, and other thrilling features, this new season of Fortnite games promises to beat your expectations. The god of Olympus in all its power is here with all its mighty weapons for you if you can defeat him. What are you waiting for?

Get your head in the game and follow the instructions we have highlighted here on how to defeat the god. Aim your best headshot at him and do not forget to take a shield while in the boss battle. Remember, other players are there to take you down if you are not playing in the squad, so stay alert. Have mad fun. 

Hope this helps. Keep gaming 😉

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