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How to Become a Pilot in BitLife



Hello Gamers,

Are you passionate about being a pilot and dream about flying a plane? Well, in reality, it’s really tough to be one, but in the game, you could easily live your dream just by following a few steps and reading our guide on “How to Become a Pilot in BitLife” – yes, you read that right!

So, without further ado, let’s begin with an easy-to-follow steps guide just for our lovely readers!

How to Become a Pilot in Bitlife:

To become a pilot in the game, your chosen character has to complete university and take 40 hours of flying lessons. Sounds tough, right? But don’t worry; we will make it easy for you!After that, you must compulsory pass a pilot test to unlock a career as a pilot.

It will be really beneficial for your career as a player if you have really good grades from high school till you pass university.

The only way to get good grades is studying hard and joining activities that can help you get a scholarship for admission to university.

As you study in university, you have to get a part-time job to earn money for your pilot training fee.

After completing your graduation from university, go straight to the Activities tab and choose Licenses.

Then, your character just needs to finish 40 hours of flight school, which will take a year to complete from now on. So be patient because it’s definitely a long process, but you have to trust it and go with the flow.

Getting Your Pilot’s License in BitLife:

As you can see in the heading, our next step is to get hands-on Pilot’s License in BitLife, which is definitely a long process, but we will show you how to get one for you.

After you follow the mentioned steps like working for 40 hours, the next step you need to do is give a Pilot’s License Test, which will cost you around $960, and the test will cover questions regarding airplane parts and their functions. So, better be prepared for it beforehand.

After successfully passing the test with flying colors, your character will be ready to get a job.But the procedure of job searching may take a long time, or you can check the Activities tab for a Pilot Trainee opening as well.

Just simply apply to it, take the interview, and if your answers to the questions are all correct, you will definitely get the job – congratulations!

Achieving the Pilot Career in BitLife:

Finally, after getting the dream job that is the Pilot Trainee job, you definitely need to work around the clock each year.And the result will be that you will be promoted to co-pilot with the best salary package for sure.

Then, you will first become a pilot, then an airline captain, and lastly, get enough experience to become a chief pilot as well – sounds amazing, right?

Please note that the Pilot Career Achievement feature in the game can only be earned after becoming an airline captain.

Wrapping Up:

So, are you fired up now to become a pilot in BitLife? If yes, then it is easy to follow the guide and go on training. We hope you will become the best pilot!

Lastly, happy gaming, and thanks for reading!

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