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Games That Take Practise To Master




Some of the most enjoyable games are the most challenging which will keep you invested for the longest amount of time. I was having a talk with some of my friends last week about their favorite video games and I had to think about the ones that top my list. All the games I could think of were really difficult games that took a long amount of time and effort to complete. But, why do I enjoy these games? What keeps me going back to them? Despite the fact they often make me angry and frustrated while simultaneously wanting to play even more? 

Elden Ring

Elden Ring is a game that is synonymous with being difficult. I am going to include Elden Ring’s sibling games into this so the Dark Souls trilogy falls under the umbrella of Elden Ring, this probably makes it even more difficult overall. Elden Ring has recently gone viral because of a popular streamer playing it and streaming for hundreds of hours trying to beat it. The difficulty of the game along with the great story makes a perfect blend for fans along with me. Some of the late bosses of this game make you want to rip your hair out but the feeling after you beat it will make you feel so good about yourself, this takes multiple attempts and new strategies, like you need to develop your online slots skills, you need to do the same for Elden Ring but even more.

Sekiro: Shadows Die twice

Another game from the evil geniuses, FromSoftware (the same people who made Dark Souls, Elden Ring, Bloodborne etc.), clearly, they like watching their fans suffer because in 2019 they dropped another game that is widely regarded as one of the most difficult games of all time, even more so than Elden Ring. The annoying thing about their games is the fact that they make the games so enjoyable. If the games were difficult but really bad then no one would play them, but the games are masterpieces. The main thing that Sekiro does well, well is being loosely used here, is the parrying. You need to master the game mechanics and how to doge to beat this game, built using the time to learn is just as anger-inducing as anything. 


One of the most surprising games that will be on this list, Cuphead uses childish, old school cartoon-like graphics and a cheesy childlike soundtrack to make the players feel a sense of security before they are quickly frustrated by the dark secrets that are hiding behind the cartoon aesthetic. One of the most frustrating aspects is the boss fights, these can take hours to complete and fill you with a massive amount of rage, this is from personal experience even though I love this game a lot and really enjoy playing it. It makes me angrier than a game should.

Trials Fusion

Some people will play a little bit of Trials Fusion and then see this placing and think the choice is out of place and those people are wrong. At the start, you play the game, maybe with some friends and you have a great time and you are laughing. Then eventually, tragedy strikes as the game just increasingly gets harder for no real reason. This game tests some of your physics knowledge with the amount of rating you need to do per run or how many degrees you need to land perfect and this is where the game annoys me. I will admit it when I first played the game, I would laugh at the way the driver and the bikes fell and I had a great time. Then after one too many falls, I want to throw the Xbox out of the window and never play a game again, although I will never do this and will still play it later on, it still annoys me beyond belief. 

Hope you enjoyed this one. Keep gaming guys 😉

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