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Fortnite Season 3 – Everything New Explained




Fortnite’s Season 3 has arrived, bringing a host of new features, items, and locations to explore. This article covers all the major updates, including new POIs, mythics, medallions, vehicle upgrades, and collaborations. Also new collaborations have made their way to no verification casino, play now and win real money.

Massive Desert Biome

A massive desert biome now covers half of the Fortnite map. One notable location is Brutal Beachhead, found in the bottom left of the map. Here, a cargo ship shaped like a shark has crash-landed, evoking memories of the iconic Prison from Chapter 2. The cargo ship has five floors of loot and a throne at the top, which belongs to the new boss, Megalodon.

Megalodon – The New Boss

Megalodon is the tier 100 skin for Season 3. His POI is shark-themed, and he occasionally drives around the map. Defeating Megalodon yields significant rewards, including a medallion that grants unlimited Nitro, boosts cars with unlimited fuel and gives players super speed.

New Mythics and Items

Nitro Fists and Combat Shotgun

Megalodon drops a Mythic version of the Nitro Fists, which offer incredible mobility and combat advantages. Players can punch to move forward or uppercut to soar into the air, making these fists extremely versatile in battle. Megalodon also drops a Mythic Combat Shotgun, which is devastating in combat.

Medallions and Nitro Splash

The new medallions and Nitro Splash items are game-changers. Nitro Splash fills your veins with Nitro, enhancing car performance, and allowing players to run faster, break builds, sprint longer, reload quicker, and remove fall damage. Players can also run on water with these enhancements.

Exclusive Vehicle

Defeating Megalodon also unlocks an exclusive vehicle with unlimited fuel and a grenade launcher on the roof. This vehicle can be repaired using repair boxes scattered across the map, making it a valuable asset throughout the match.

Car-Themed Season

Nitro Drone Arena

The Nitro Drone is a new arena POI where cars can battle. It includes power-ups, ramps, and spinning blades, making fights intense.

Ring Master Scar

Another boss, Ring Master Scar, can be found at the Nitro Drone. Defeating her grants a medallion that offers higher damage and unlimited ammo. She also drops a Mythic Boom Bow, which is effective against vehicles, dealing over 250 damage per shot.

Vehicle Mods and Attachments

Vehicle mods have returned, including cow catchers and choker tyres. New attachments like grenade launchers and miniguns can be added to vehicles, providing players with various tactical advantages.

New POIs and Bosses

Redline Rig

Redline Rig is a Refinery pumping Nitro, and it’s run by the Machinist, found on page one of the battle pass. Her car, with a cool design, and her medallion, which refills shields over time, are highly sought after.

War Bus

The War Bus is a redesigned armoured bus from Chapter 3, equipped with extra defences and an EMP feature to disable nearby vehicles. One of the three major bosses will occasionally leave their POI to drive around the map in the War Bus.

Collaborations and Battle Pass

Fallout Collaboration

A significant collaboration this season is with Fallout. Players can find Nuka Cola on the map, which provides 80 health and shields over time. The battle pass includes Power Armour, a Pip-Boy back bling, and other Fallout-themed items.

Magneto and Bright Raider

The secret outfit for this season is Wastelander Magneto, a Marvel villain adapted to fit the apocalyptic theme. Another notable addition is Bright Raider, a reskin of Bright Bomber with a pastel edit style.

Map Changes and Miscellaneous Updates

Sandy Steps

Snoody Steps has been transformed into Sandy Steps, now covered in dunes and rocks.

Steam Train

A steam train can be found crashed into the dunes, hinting at possible future updates.

New Cacti

New cacti, similar to the slurp plants from the jungle, provide health and shield. They also heal vehicles, making them very useful.

Victory Umbrella

Winning a match currently gives last season’s umbrella, but this is expected to be fixed soon.

NPCs and Duel Challenges

New NPCs, including previous bosses like Curas and Oscar, are back. Players can duel them for mythic items.

Large Crates and Shield Drops

Large crates now have a 20% spawn rate and can drop shields again, making them more valuable.


Fortnite Season 3 offers a wealth of new content, focusing heavily on vehicle combat and new mythic items. With new POIs, bosses, and collaborations, players have plenty to explore and enjoy until mid-August. Keep an eye out for future updates and enjoy the latest season of Fortnite!

Desert BiomeCovers half the map, and includes Brutal Beachhead with Megalodon boss
MegalodonNew boss, drops Nitro Fists, Combat Shotgun, medallion with unlimited Nitro
Nitro SplashBoosts cars, enhances player speed, removes fall damage
Nitro Drone ArenaNew POI for car battles, includes power-ups and ramps
Ring Master ScarThe boss at Nitro Drone drops Boom Bow and medallion for higher damage and unlimited ammo
Vehicle ModsReturn of cow catchers, chokers tyres, new attachments like grenade launchers and miniguns
Redline RigNew POI run by the Machinist, offers a shield-refilling medallion
War BusArmoured bus with EMP feature, driven by one of the bosses
Fallout CollaborationIncludes Nuka Cola, Power Armour, Pip-Boy back bling
Magneto and Bright RaiderNew outfits in the battle pass
Sandy StepsNew POI replacing Snoody Steps, covered in dunes
Steam TrainCrashed train in the dunes
New CactiProvide health, shield, and vehicle healing
Victory UmbrellaThemed around a scrap car, currently not available
NPCs and Duel ChallengesNew NPCs, including previous bosses, offering mythic items through duels
Large CratesNow have a 20% spawn rate and can drop shields

This season promises to be one of the most dynamic yet, with an emphasis on vehicle-based gameplay and exciting new items to discover. Enjoy exploring all that Fortnite Season 3 has to offer!

Hope this helps. Keep gaming 😉

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