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Farmskins: The Best Site for CS2 Enthusiasts




If you are a CS2 fan and looking for a trustworthy case-opening site, then is exactly what you need! The platform offers a wide selection of extra options, including case battles where you can compete with other participants wagering CS2 cases, use daily free bonuses, and even benefit from a proprietary affiliate program. Below, you can learn the way you can use the Farmskins platform and become aware of its functionality in detail.

Variety of Cases 

After registering on Farmskins, you may choose among two case types. The first one is “Legacy cases”. In fact, these cases are copies of well-known boxes, such as Horizon or Prisma. The second option is even more tempting since it offers proprietary Farmskins-created cases. 

Among them, you can check event-tailored boxes with themed skins dedicated to specific movies, holidays, or games. Also, there are cases with specific guns, knives, gloves, etc. Each case comes with its own price. At the same time, the platform allows you to check what’s inside so that you may have correct expectations.

What’s more, the platform has several case modes, including Ancient, Discovered, All-Star, Force Buy, and more. Certain features unite Skins within each mode. For example, in the All-Stars cases, you can explore skins with references to the movie Dune (Chani, Glossu Raban, Paule, and more).


Have multiple low-value (or duplicated) skins that you do not want to keep holding on to? On Farmskins, you can easily upgrade them to much better ones. The platform allows you to change up to six skins and exchange them for a new one.

At first glance, this option looks similar to CS2 Contracts. But in fact, it gives you more opportunities. For example, you may select from different weapon types while exchanging.

Skin Changer

If you have used skin change services before, then there will be almost nothing new for you. However, Farmskins has a significant advantage over its competitors. For example, you can exchange a skin from your Steam inventory for a more expensive one as well as a much cheaper one than your original skin. 

In addition, there are no middlemen, so you are one-on-one with a dizzying collection of eye-catching colors and patterns. What’s more, When you open the case, you get Bullets that you can use for the skin changer instead of real money. In fact, this is a cashback variation.

Case Battle 

CS2 case battle is a tempting mode where you can bet on CS2 cases. It works very simply: participants bet on certain cases, and after they are opened, the value of dropped skins for each player is added up. In case you receive the highest total, you’ll get all the skins. 

This mode is available for two or four users who can place a maximum of 30 cases. Also, you can form your own battle with a custom number of participants and cases.

Gaben’s Store 

If you open cases on the Farmskins platform, you get Bullets. In fact, it is a Farmskins’ internal currency that you can spend to make purchases at Gaben’s Store. Here are two main categories available at that store:

  • Cases: Mil-Spec, Covert, Knives, Ez Covert, Restricted, Exclusive and others;
  • Items: skins, knives, gloves, and so on.

Note that the assortment of items is always changing, so it is worth checking the available ones in advance. If you have enough Bullets, you can use them in the giveaways. Just join the draw, wait for the timer to run out, and find out if you’re the lucky one. The draw is based on RNG.

Daily Bonus

Thanks to the Daily Bonus, you can get new cases, skins and other perks every day. The Daily Bonus is not the same for each participant and has several levels depending on the amount on your balance. Platform users have seven days to raise their level. 

Note that it is not possible to level up using the Skin2pay payment system. All the prizes you received as part of the bonus are transferred to your inventory, which you can check from the profile page.

How to Join Farmskins?

Interested in becoming a Farmskins user and testing all these perks on your own? Then, check the steps we described below.

  1. Land on the Farmskins site.
  2. Click on the “Sign-In” button.
  3. Type in details from your Steam account and submit the action.

Now, you may start exploring an immense collection of available skins and add your own from the Steam inventory. Also, you may top up your balance and start opening cases right away. 

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