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Does Sony’s Playstation Portal Spell The End For Console Gaming?



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The Sony Playstation Portal was released on the 15th of November, 2023. Some would say the release was controversial, considering the PSP and PS Vita didn’t perform as well as their idol, the Nintendo Switch.

The PS Vita, for instance, was released way back in 2011, and so far it has a total of 15.82 million portable sales. On the other side of the coin, the Nintendo Switch has an impressive total of 125.79 million sales, and the iconic Nintendo DS is 2nd in the sales chart with 154.02 sales.

If you want to know how to sell a portable games console, ask Nintendo. Not Sony.

And yet, the Sony Playstation Portal exists. Why? Well, we’re going to suggest that this is not another desperate attempt from Sony to rival Nintendo. Instead, there could be something else going on, and if our suspicions are correct, it could spell the end of console gaming as we know it. Let’s explore.

What’s the PlayStation Portal?

The PlayStation Portal represents Sony’s latest foray into portable gaming. This device allows gamers to stream PS5 games onto a handheld screen. It’s a concept that blends console-quality gaming with the flexibility of a handheld device.

The Portal intends to be an innovative response to the evolving demands of the gaming market. According to Sony, it’s offering a bridge between traditional console gaming and the burgeoning demand for mobile gaming experiences – as do all of their models.

How Does it Compare to Other Models?

Compared to other models, the PlayStation Portal occupies a unique niche. Unlike the PS Vita,  it doesn’t rely on a dedicated library of handheld-specific titles. Instead, it utilises the power and library of the PS5. By doing so, the PS Portal allows players to take their console games on the go, as if their very own PS5 was forever present in their backpack.

The approach is different to Nintendo’s strategy. The Nintendo strategy relies on creating exclusive titles for its handheld systems. As do all of the handheld models.

Will it End Console Gaming?

With the concept of the Playstation Portal in mind, you wouldn’t be remiss in thinking this could damage the console market. Indeed, it could, but Sony wouldn’t be the one who presses the button. Let’s not forget the big elephant in the room. Mobile gaming. Over the last decade, mobile gaming has become one of the most popular forms of gaming for hardcore gamers. And it’s not just about those edge-of-your-seat action games.

Even for casual gamers, casino online platforms have become go-to sources for games and slots. In 2023, you can walk into Vegas without leaving your couch. This demonstrates what the majority of gamers value now. Convenience. Variety. Accessibility. That’s what Sony is tapping into, and yes, with more AAA games adapting to fit onto a handheld console, it could spell the end of the console gaming era.

But that could be years in the future, and when it happens, the success of the Playstation Portal may have long fizzled out. For now, it’s simply shaking things up. We’re looking at a future where your gaming isn’t tied down to one spot. It’s about having your games your way, wherever, whenever.

Speaking Of Success…

Now, the big question – will the PlayStation Portal actually make it big? That’s up to Sony.

They have to make things work smoothly, without any hiccups like lag or terrible Portal connectivity, and then, yes, we might have a winner.

It’s important to note that you need a pretty solid internet connection to make the most of it – another indicator that consoles aren’t going anywhere any time soon. Even if you’re playing at home, if your Wi-Fi is more like ‘Why-Fi’, you might not be jumping for joy with this device. But as we said, it’s all up to Sony. Either way, they wont be makers or breakers of the console industry. Smartphones have long seen to that.

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