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Bethesda Future Gaming Projects



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Bethesda has already created a legacy spanning almost 3 decades. In its many years of existence, this video game publisher has left an indelible mark in the hearts of video gamers worldwide. And that’s because it has created tantalizing adventures of the video game world with its popular titles such as Fallout 76 and The Elder Scrolls V.

Bethesda Softworks’s portfolio is poised to be even more diversified, especially with the publisher looking to add a few exciting titles. These are the games you can expect to enjoy in the coming months:

Elder Scrolls 6

Rumors in the gaming cosmos has it that Bethesda plans to release this game as the next chapter of its iconic RPG saga in 2026. As gamers await this new release, we can only speculate what lies on the horizon. 

As next-gen gaming consoles will boast cutting edge graphics, Elder Scrolls 6 gamers will harness the power of these future gaming devices to play video games with redefined visual fidelity. Besides immersive graphics, this next video game release could have:

  • Choices to forge your path
  • Same characters such as Lydia and Cicero
  • Unplanned encounters with spectral wolf and dragons

Most information on this game such as the gaming platform, such as exact release date remains mysterious.

Indiana Jones Game

PC and Xbox Series X|S gamers will have the pleasure to follow the adventures of Dr. Indiana Jones in 1938. Bethesda has made the Indiana Jones game with a new storyline as he explores various continents, visiting the bustling New York city and the icy Himalayas peaks. 

The journey through these places allows Indiana Jones the opportunity to unearth cryptic ruins since he’s an archaeologist. He collects various artifacts such as scripts and age-old enigmas and has to fight a hulking figure also seeking the same artifacts.

Since 2024 is barely two months old, we can be patient and wait for Bethesda to release this new video game. Other incredible characters of this game include:

  • Gina the reporter and Indy’s partner
  • Nazi Intrigue who is after Indy’s artifacts

Fallout 5

This game is one of Bethesda’s iconic franchises. However, Bethesda hasn’t officially said when this game will be available for video gamers despite rumors that it was to debut in 2023. Even before playing it, gamers can anticipate a nuclear-ravaged American state. 

Fans are expecting this new game to depict the aftermath of a major disaster in the American state of New Orleans since Bethesda gave hints in 2016 in the previous installment, Fallout 4 (2015). 

Another question without an answer regarding Fallout 5 is about the mechanics we’ll see in the game. The return of casino jackpots, as we saw in Fallout: New Vegas, might not be on the cards, but it is still unconfirmed. This feature was a beloved part of the campaign back in 2010; however, it didn’t make a return for Fallout 4.

It’s poised to be Bethesda’s next project after publishing The Elder Scrolls 6, according to director Todd Howard. You’ll be in a position to customize the appearance of your characters in this new edition. 

If you enjoy recruiting allies to survive the aftermath of a devastating calamity, you might enjoy Fallout 5. It has many features and an updated storyline that will immerse you in the gaming cosmos.

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