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Best Ways To Get Ahead In CoD And Become The Combat King



Calling all CoD fans: this is your latest guide to take the crown of the Call of Duty world for yourself and come out on top ahead of all the best players. Whether you’re an experienced aficionado who already rules the roost in most of your games or a newbie just getting their feet wet, there are things you can learn that will give you an edge and make it easier to finish every match as the star competitor.

To say CoD has some huge die-hard fans would be an understatement for the century (and the newest Vanguard launch has figures to back that up). Many people have been playing for years, but whether that rings true for you or you’re starting out on this incredible adventure for the first time… there’s lots you can learn to ensure you’re the king of the castle.

It’s Not Just About The Kills

Tons of new players (and even more seasoned players) make a big mistake when they put their focus only on kills. This isn’t to be confused with us saying kills are irrelevant; they’re still a core focus of the game and a keyway to elevate your overall score… but focusing too much on them ruins your ability to look at the big picture and what ultimately matters.

Your score is the most important thing – it helps you unlock in-game rewards and can make a big difference to how the game goes for you. You can elevate your score by completing objectives, like taking a Domination flag or planting S&D bombs. Confirming kills and shooting down UAVs will also give you an edge, and if you’re working in an area with an objective-based mode, you’ll be seeing a lot more points for every kill you make. This gives you so much more potential than if you just focus on taking out the opponents willy-nilly. Don’t underestimate it and keep your eyes on your score! You won’t be sorry.

Don’t Skip The Basics

This tip is less for the seasoned pros and more for those joining CoD for the first time, or one of the first times. Don’t – we repeat – don’t skip the basics. You need to take the time to learn them, and there are no shortcuts here. Familiarize yourself with the maps, get to grips with how the movement works, spend time honing your ability to aim. This is what will take you from pretty amateur to pro.

And yes, it’s time-consuming; we know that. If you’re eager to just get to the part where you’re good, you might be looking for ways to cut corners… but those don’t exist in CoD. You’ve got to learn the basics if you want a solid foundation – otherwise, you may get a few lucky games, but you’ll be skating on air, and you may come down with a bump when your luck runs out. You can check out CoD maps here, but you should also take the time to play them (even ones you don’t like) over and over again, until you’ve really mastered each and you can zip around it with confidence. It will be worth the effort!

Parrot The Pros

The CoD pros are called pros for a reason, and even the best of us can learn from them, as they learn from each other. These are the people who have truly honed their gameplay to a fine point, and they’re the ones that attract the most attention from global audiences. They’re taking home big prizes, and if you’ve ever checked out call of duty betting odds, you’ll be aware that they’re also making big bucks for those who bet on them too… so this is a case of “watch and learn.”

There are many opportunities to watch the pros in action with online streaming, and you’ll pick up some incredible strategies if you take this approach. Pay attention to how they manage difficulties in particular: watch the way they approach corners, get out of trouble, and turn the map to their advantage in order to take down their opponents.

If you’re interacting with these players, here’s a little extra tip: be nice. While CoD has a pretty big “tough-guy” persona going and a lot of trash talk, this isn’t what you want your name to be associated with, especially when you’re talking to the best of the best. Be a friendly, helpful, approachable player, and you’ll get a lot more assistance from those at the top than if you put up an arrogant facade. It’s not the most popular tip out there, but it works and it’s worth the effort!

After all, the multiplayer mode is why most people are here (yes, not everybody, but most people), and – as the famous saying goes – you’ll catch more flies with honey than with vinegar!

That is it. Hope you like it and as always keep gaming 😉

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