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AFK Journey Guide For New Players



AFKJourney Guide

AFK Journey is a new game created by Lilit Games. If you play AFK Arena, you will be familiar with the majority of in-game systems. As a new player, you will have to learn a lot of things so you can progress faster. This game rewards you as time passes, so it is important that you optimize things so you can get more rewards. 

When you first start playing AFK Journey, you will be overwhelmed with things that you have to do, especially with the exploration of maps and doing quests. That is why we created this beginner’s guide. Once you read the guide, you will know what you should focus on for faster progress.

Map and Exploration

The map in AFK Journey is big, and it will expand in the future. If you are a new player, you have to explore it all. While exploring, you will come across different quests, puzzles, chests, and enemies. Each one of these things will give you rewards that will boost your progression drastically. Most importantly, you will get a lot of invitation letters, so you can get better heroes and their copies that you will use for ascending.

Setup WishList

There are a lot of heroes in AFK Journey. Each of them can be ascended. That is why it is important to set up your Wish List before you use invitation letters. What Wishlist does is that you can choose what heroes you want to get from opening invitation letters. When you set it up, you will only get heroes from the wishlist. 

Make sure that you put the strongest heroes that are in the game, like Vala, Rowan, Smokey, Eddie, Granny, Lyca, etc. If you are not sure what heroes you should put on your wishlist, then we recommend that you check out other resources like AFKJourneyGuides, YouTube, and the official Discord server, where players share their teams. 

Once you obtain a hero that you want, you will need their copies so you can ascend them. By ascending heroes, you will increase their powers and get new skills. That is why it is important that you put on your wishlist heroes that are the best and that you really need in your team. 

AFK Stages

AFK Stages is the most important place that you have to go to daily. The reason for that is that it will produce rewards that are used for leveling your heroes while you are AFK. Each stage that you take will increase the production of rewards per hour. There is a capacity limit on production. Once it reaches the limit, it will no longer be able to produce rewards, so make sure that you claim it before it reaches the maximum. Inside the AFK stages, you will see a button on the right site that allows you to purchase 4 hours’ worth of rewards. It costs diamonds, but it is definitely worth it. 


VIP level is also important. By increasing your VIP level, you will be able to increase AFK reward production and get more chances to purchase AFK rewards. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of ways to get VIP points without purchasing bundles. 

Battle Modes

There are a lot of different battle modes in AFK Journey. Each one of them is unique and will give you rewards. 

  • Dream Real: There are 4 bosses that you will try to defeat. By participating in this event, you will be rewarded with currency that you can spend in a dream shop to purchase copies of A-tier heroes. 
  • Arena: This is the PVP mode for the AFK Journey. Based on your wins and rank, you will get arena currency. Arena currency is used in arena shops to purchase celestial heroes that are extremely strong. You cannot get celestial heroes from invitation letters. That is why you have to push the arena from day one. 
  • Arcane Labyrinth and Legend Trial: They will give you good rewards, but they are hard. So you will not be able to push them too much because they are extremely related to your hero’s power.


Immediately, when you start playing, you should join the guild. With a guide, you will be able to do guild challenges and battle drills. From guild challenges, you will get a lot of rewards. One of the rewards is guild currency, which is used to purchase s-tier heroes. Battle Drills is a game mode where your guild works together to defeat various bosses and enemies. The amount of reward that you get from battle drills depends purely on your performance.

Hopefully you enjoyed this guide. Keep gaming 😉

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