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Abbreviations in CS2: Why Are They Important to Know?



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CS2 has both voice and text chat. For text chat, many different abbreviations were invented so that players could communicate their thoughts in a second. In this article written by jlaYm, you will find many CS2 transcripts that are used in the shooter. You can also analyze the performance of Team Vitality or Party Astronauts CS2 on Profiler.


GG stands for Good Game and is usually said at the end of matches to indicate that they liked the game. The translation sounds like – “Good game.”


GH stands for Good Half. This saying is usually used during a change of sides to indicate that the first half of the game has gone well.


This phrase is usually heard at the beginning of matches, GL & HF stand for Good Luck and Have Fun.


WP stands for Well Played. You can hear this phrase at the end of the match. This indicates that the player enjoyed the match.


WD is usually used to highlight any positive actions of the player. This stands for Well Done.


Imao stands for laughing my a*s off. Most often this phrase can be heard during funny moments.


LOL can also be heard during funny moments in matches, this stands for Laughing Out Loud.


WTF stands for What The F*ck? This phrase always indicates the strange actions of the player.


BB stands for Bye-Bye. This is what players usually say when they leave the game.


BBS stands for Be Back Soon. Also in the game, you can find the phrase BRB (Be Right Back), which means the same thing as BBS. This shortcut is usually used by players when they need to move away and quickly return.


BSoD stands for Blue Screen of Death. With this phrase, players note that a blue screen of death has appeared in Windows.


BTW stands for By the Way and is used to provide additional spontaneous information in the game.


BL stands for Bad Luck, and players use it to highlight a bad situation.


BG stands for Bad Game. Players usually use this phrase at the end of the game.


OMG is short for Oh My God. But there is also a more aggressive saying, such as “OMFG”, which means Oh My F*cking God.


It’s all very simple, FU means F*ck You. This is a rather rude way to show emotion to a player.


GF stands for Good Fight. Players can also use this shorthand as Good Frag.


GK stands for Good Kill. This is a good way to highlight the other player’s abilities.


GT means Good Try. Players can also use a slightly different option – Nice Try.


GJ stands for Good Job. This abbreviation is used as a thank you note.


NS stands for Nice Shot.


Afaik means As Far As I Know.


AFK stands for Away From Keyboard. Players can also use FK – Free Kill.


Stfu means Shut The F*ck Up. Players usually use this expression to achieve silence.


NP stands for No Problem.


Rofl means Rollin On Floor Laughing. The expression is used to emphasize the frivolity of something.


Nvm stands for Nevermind.


IMHO stands for In My Humble Opinion. You may also hear imo, which means In My Opinion.

Pls, plz

Pls, plz stands for Please.


W8 stands for Wait.


Gtg stands for Got to Go.


HVH stands for Hack’s Versus Hack’s. If you happen to hear this phrase, then be prepared for a heated battle.

Thx, tnx

Thx, tnx stands for Thanks.


FYI stands for For Your Information.


Smth stands for Something.


ASAP stands for As Soon As Possible.


AKA stands for Also Knowing As.


BFF stands for Best Friend Forever.


TBT stands for Throwback Thursday.


ILY stands for I Love You.


SY stands for See You. This expression is used by players to inform another player of visual contact or when saying goodbye.


N1 stands for Nice One. This expression is used to celebrate a good kill.


KK is an abbreviation for Ok, meaning “Okay”.


XD stands for laughing emoji. There is no other meaning here.


Rep means Respect. You can also use other symbols, for example: + or -, which will mean respect and disrespect.

What Information Should You Share With Your Teammates?

Communication with teammates is not only about voicing information about the opponent’s location, but also the ability to negotiate with team members, share information about their actions, and also warn about possible danger. Using abbreviations is a great way to quickly communicate something to your teammates, and knowing all the abbreviations will make it easier for you to understand your teammates.

Opponents’ Location

Information about the location of the enemy is the main information that your teammate expects to receive from you. This information is extremely important for following the developed strategy. To effectively collaborate with your team, it is important for you to know the map, every corner, and passage perfectly.

Number of Opponents

The number of enemies is also strategically important information. The team’s attack strategy and a clear understanding of the number of players guarding a particular point depend on this.

The Direction of Movement of Opponents

The direction of the opponent’s movement is also information that is important to convey to your teammates. You can gain additional valuable time, which will ultimately allow you to win the round.

Final Thoughts

Communication between team players is truly essential to success in the game. We recommend that you act quickly and express your thoughts clearly, particularly using the abbreviations mentioned in the article. If you want to achieve the same results as pro players Benjamin “blameF” Bremer from Astralis and Valerii “b1t” Vakhovskyi from Navi, avoid disputes and disagreements. You can also use the Profilerr service to evaluate pro settings in the game and find out more information about successfully playing CS2, whether you are in the USA or Canada.

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