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Meet the YouTuber Recreating Disney Songs, Music Videos and More in Animal Crossing: New Horizons



Recreating things in Animal Crossing: New Horizons isn’t anything new but today I wanted to highlight a YouTuber who is not only perfectly recreating music videos, movie scenes and more in the game but also providing some great cover songs too.

Korean YouTuber Maedong focuses on Animal Crossing: New Horizons content (she also does game reviews too so make sure to check out her channel for all of her content here) but her recent videos- within the past six months or so- have really taken off due to how well she both recreates scenes in the game whilst singing her own cover songs. It began with a cover and in-game recreation of “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid and has only grown in popularity since, which is great as you can tell that Maedong clearly puts in a lot of effort into her recreations and her covers of the songs. Since then, she has covered and recreated other Disney songs such as “When Will My Life Begin?” from Tangled and “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” from Frozen (which she covered in both Korean and English).

Maedong has also covered some K-Pop songs within Animal Crossing: New Horizons too, including “POP/STARS” by K/DA and “Dynamite” by BTS (I feel it has been too long since I mentioned them in a blog so I had to squeeze them in somewhere). What is great about Maedong’s covers is that she not only goes the extra mile with her recreations- making sure that all the avatars hair, costumes, sets, camera angles and avatar actions are precise and well executed- but her covers are brilliant too. She has a soft and sweet singing voice and so her covers are suited amazingly well for Disney Princess songs.

This is the kind of content that is truly needed with the current state of the world. It’s not just cute and comforting but it’s also incredibly well done and professional. I wanted to highlight Maedong and her channel for continuing to make great content during these unprecedented times. Her work has certainly cheered me up on the drearier days. So thank you, Maedong! Could I suggest more BTS/ Animal Crossing songs please?

Antonia Haynes resides in a small seaside town in England where she has lived her whole life. She's a simple girl with a passion for zombies, writing, film, television, drawing, superheroes, Disney and, of course, video games. Her ideal day would consist of junk food, fluffy pyjamas and video games because quite frankly going outside is overrated. Follow her on Twitter on @RainbowMachete