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Youtooz Collectibles are Adding Four New Vinyl Figures to their Roster this Month



Youtooz are a company known for their incredibly varied selection of collectible figures which range from characters from television, film, cartoons and video games to YouTube personalities and even meme based figurines such as Doge and Nyan Cat. This month, they are releasing four brand new vinyl figures to add to their already extensive roster of collectibles. All of the figures cost $29.99 and have a protective outer sleeve to keep them safe from scuffs and dents. They also have a lovely, embossed, matte finish. Check out what characters are becoming Youtooz figures below.

All Images Courtesy of Youtooz

Carefree Arthur

Capturing his carefree stride, Arthur is sculpted at 4.7 inches tall, and swings his arms as he walks down the street without a care in the world. He wears his usual yellow sweater, blue jeans and red sneakers. The double walled window box is illustrated to show a beautiful, summer day on Arthur’s street.

Mr Ratburn

Standing 5 inches tall, Nigel Ratburn is sculpted wearing his green suit complete with a solid yellow shirt and bright red necktie, and he wears a rainbow pride flag pin on his lapel. His window box is illustrated to show the inside of his welcoming classroom, where he teaches on the blackboard.

Skateboarding Spyro

Youtooz collaborates with Spyro for the release of his designer collectible inspired by the Spyro™ Reignited Trilogy. Sliding by on a purple skateboard at 5 inches in length, this figure detailed the iconic scorching flamethrower shooting out of Spyro’s mouth. The skateboard contains a print of a flame and green wheels. The flame being shot by Spyro is airbrushed using yellow and orange colors. Spyro’s horns and wings are carefully sculpted to capture his character. His purple body features raised scales. The double-walled window box is illustrated using fiery flames on a backdrop of his classic purple color.

Gnasty Gnorc

Standing 4.3 inches tall, this figure is extremely detailed. Holding an iron spiked mace in one hand, he makes a giant fist with the other. His terrifying expression includes sculpted teeth, tongue and nose. He wears gold armor that protects his chest, forearms, shoulders and shins. The toes are detailed, and include red trim which holds together the armor. His double-walled window box is illustrated to show all the missing letters stacked on his home turf.


At 5 inches wide and 2 inches tall, this profit generating meme joins the Youtooz universe. Styled as a pixelated Shiba Inu doge merged with a gold coin, this collectible was designed in collaboration with Christopher Torres – the creator of NyanCat! Out of the back follows a trail of various shades of pixelated yellow. The wonderful window box is inspired by Nyancat’s journey through cyberspace and borrows elements to complete the scene as your Dogecoin makes its way to unlimited returns.

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