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Youtooz Celebrates National Video Game Day with A Collection of Video Game Vinyl Figures



Happy National Video Game folks! Though honestly, every day is video game day for me because even if I don’t get time to play them every single day, I’m usually writing about them in some capacity almost every day. I myself am a big fan of collectibles and video games and Youtooz are a great combination of both. To celebrate video game day, let’s take a look at some of the video game themed collectibles that Youtooz has to offer. Side note: there are some Spyro figures here that I have mentioned before but they are really awesome so I’m going to include them here too.

All Images and Information Courtesy of YouTooz.

Keg Skelly – Keg Skelly stands 4.5 inches tall. Using a detailed sculpt of his skeleton body, individual joints are visible throughout this piece. His forehead is covered by a dark blue headband. On his lower jaw he misses a number of teeth. He wears one beat up brown shoe and holds a big barrel in his hands with a lit fuse. He smiles as he prepares to blow something up with his keg. The double-walled window box is modeled after the interior of a ship, filled with powder kegs.

Ken – At 4.9 inches tall, Ken Masters makes his debut on Youtooz. Longtime friend and rival of Ryu, Ken is designed doing his taunt emote, with one hand on the hip and the other pointing at his opponent. He wears his blonde hair in a ponytail, red gi around his waist and black under armor. His double-walled window box is set inside the bank of New York, featuring a chaotic scene littered with broken glass and furniture.

Sakura – The ever happy Sakura makes her Youtooz debut! Standing 4.8 inches tall, she is captured eagerly running into battle and trying to stop with her heels. The force of her run generates a cloud of smoke underneath her. She wears her Japanese school girl uniform, complete with red MMA gloves. Her outfit is captured blowing in the wind as she does her best to slow down. Her double-walled window box is illustrated after an evening rural street setting in Japan.

Evil Ryu – Evil Ryu stands 4.7 inches tall, with deeply sculpted muscles, spiky red hair, red headband, charged up angry red eyes and energy radiating around his body. This designer collectible is part of the inaugural collaboration between Youtooz and Capcom. The double-walled window box features a backdrop of a monastery, where Evil Ryu is prepared to fight until the end.

Cuphead – The cartoon world of Studio MDHR’s smash-hit Cuphead meets the signature style of Youtooz in this lovingly crafted figurine based on none other than Cuphead himself! Mischievous, brave, and always ready for a swell battle, this grinning Cuphead collectible has a white-gloved finger pointed in the air, as he blasts off one of his trusty bright blue pea shots. Careful attention was paid to capturing everything from the character’s teeth, to his straw, to the liquid leaping out of his head. The end result really does feel like Cuphead has jumped out of the game and onto your desk! Cuphead’s attack is built out of a transparent blue PVC, giving it the effect of being frozen in time as you wallop your way through one of the game’s many screen-filling boss battles. This collectible features a red and yellow illustrated window box which was designed with direct input from StudioMDHR. The packaging features a group of black and white boss characters from the Cuphead universe, as well as the character himself!

Mugman – Loyal, sheepish, and full of goofiness…it’s Cuphead’s best pal (and younger brother) Mugman! The other half of Cuphead’s iconic duo is also making his Youtooz debut in this meticulously designed, limited edition collectible. Standing 3.7 inches tall, this finely sculpted Mugman designer figure is the result of close collaboration with Cuphead creators Studio MDHR. Standing playfully with one foot to the sky, Mugman holds a white-gloved hand behind his back, and with the other, takes ahold of his signature blue and white straw. From his raised pinky finger to the carefully detailed liquid splashing around the top of his head, this Mugman figurine is the perfect addition to any Cuphead fan’s collection. The window box for this figure was illustrated in consultation with StudioMDHR, and features a yellow and blue colorway with detailed boss elements from the Cuphead universe.

Spyro – Youtooz collaborates with Spyro for the release of his designer collectible inspired by the Spyro™ Reignited Trilogy. Sliding by on a purple skateboard at 5 inches in length, this figure detailed the iconic scorching flamethrower shooting out of Spyro’s mouth. The skateboard contains a print of a flame and green wheels. The flame being shot by Spyro is airbrushed using yellow and orange colors. Spyro’s horns and wings are carefully sculpted to capture his character. His purple body features raised scales. The double-walled window box is illustrated using fiery flames on a backdrop of his classic purple color.

Gnasty Gnorc – Standing 4.3 inches tall, this figure is extremely detailed. Holding an iron spiked mace in one hand, he makes a giant fist with the other. His terrifying expression includes sculpted teeth, tongue and nose. He wears gold armor that protects his chest, forearms, shoulders and shins. The toes are detailed, and include red trim which holds together the armor. His double-walled window box is illustrated to show all the missing letters stacked on his home turf.

Angry Berd – This collaboration blends together Angry Birds, Youtooz and Berd to create the exploding Angry Berd. He sits 2.3 inches tall with sculpted black feathers and yellow claws. Berd’s famous long pointy beak has been turned yellow and the top of his head sprouts a detonation coil. The packaging was illustrated by Youtooz artists in collaboration with Angry Birds to feature a scene of Angry Berd blowing things up.

Red – At 3.4 inches tall, Red leans back in a slingshot getting ready to launch himself at the target. Those pigs are in trouble. The wooden slingshot contains detailed sculpted ridges, while Red has a focused, angry expression as well as detailed feather engravings. His window box is illustrated to display the castle he’s aiming for.

Chuck – Standing 4.8 inches tall, Chuck is the blazingly fast, yellow angry bird. He has a black tail and crest, with beautifully sculpted feather textures and wings. His eyebrows, beak, tongue and eyes were designed to communicate his messy personality. The window box illustration is set in a tropical scene with Chuck celebrating inside.

Oofy – Oofy stands 4.5 inches tall, wearing black and yellow sneakers, black pants, and a yellow, baggy hoodie with a print of a Youtooz logo and his name. His head is a big yellow block, and is seen smiling. His double-walled window box is illustrated after a pixelated blocky world, with a forest and house shown on a bright day.

If you’re interested in any of these figures, they are currently $29.99 and ship in a matte, embossed protective outer sleeve to keep them safe from scratches and scrapes whilst in transit. Make sure to check out the official Youtooz website for more video game collectibles!

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