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Xbox Series X and S Hardware Sets Launch Window Record for Microsoft



During this, the week Microsoft launched its new Xbox Series X and S hardware, the company has much to celebrate. This morning, PR issued a press release sharing just how much went right for the company, noting that the launch is “now the most successful debut in our history.”

According to that press release, the larger part of that number was comprised of Xbox Series S units. They are not as powerful as their Series X counterpart, lacking an optical drive that would allow consumers to watch movies and play physical games purchased for previous consoles such as the Xbox One. However, it’s clear consumers are increasingly anxious to embrace an all-digital future, warts and all.

During the console launch window, which may well remain ongoing for weeks yet depending on how people want to define that term, gamers have already played 3,594 games in total. Those games span four generations. The level of play seen represents “the most games ever played during an Xbox console launch.”

Finally, there’s good news when it comes to Microsoft’s subscription service, Game Pass. The press release notes that 70 percent of Series X and S consoles are already paired up with new and existing Xbox Game Pass members. That’s a great way to play a variety of games at launch, even if your wallet couldn’t stretch far beyond the cost to buy the console in the first place.

With any console launch going back at least as far back as the Xbox 360, scalpers are a significant presence. They mob stores, buying every unit they can in hopes of reselling them for ludicrous prices online. However, with 70 percent of consumers already using a Game Pass subscription with their Xbox Series X hardware, it seems scalpers didn’t get to engage in their predatory behavior to the usual degree.

The Xbox Series X and S consoles will likely continue to sell at as brisk a pace as supply permits throughout the holiday season. Did you manage to order one online or snag one from a store, or is the console still lingering on your wish list?

Jason Venter spends as much time as he can playing, writing, and talking about video games and entertainment. He often does so at HonestGamers, a niche site he founded after graduating high school in 1998. When exploring virtual worlds in games, film and literature starts to wear him out, Jason winds down by taking walks in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with his lovely wife. Meet up with him on Twitter on @jasonventer.

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