What if ‘World of Warcraft’ was an NES Game?

by Jayden Hausfeld
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The World of Warcraft games have been enjoyed by fans of the series for almost 13 years now, and there have been quite a few parody videos spawned by its major popularity. But what if World of Warcraft had never began life as a PC game, rather an idea formed during the classic era of video games, for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

The YouTube channel ‘Rkade Soup’ uploaded a video which has given the game the 8-bit treatment by reimagining the game similar to the old The Legend of Zelda games on the same console. The video was also posted to Reddit where one of the video’s creators posted their video under user ‘telltolin’ on the World of Warcraft sub-reddit. There they tell people how they made the fun video by using a combination of Photoshop and After Effects, and even the majority of the music and sounds, too.

“This video took since November, but that was while devoting maybe 10-15 hrs a week or so, we didn’t have the same kinda restrictive work schedule with our first two videos,” ‘telltolin’ posted on the sub-reddit.

“I know it’s not 100% accurate to the NES, it’s just for fun. We’ve also made a couple other videos in this style, too.”

This NES interpretation of the game begins with a classic start up screen and allows players to pick between the Alliance and the Horde, which then sends you to select what race they would like to represent, which the user in the video chooses to be an orc. From there, the player completely skips their first quest to instead join up with a group for a dungeon raid, even though they’re only at Level 1 which plays out exactly how you’d expect it, with the orc stealing all of the other player’s loot that they didn’t earn.

You can watch the full video below:

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