Who’s That Pokemon…That’s Coming to ‘Pokken Tournament’?

by Tim Maison
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Last Friday, the official Pokken Tournament website announced they would be revealing a new fighter for the Pokemon, Tekken hybrid.  The only clue they gave as to who it’d be was that it would be a Pokemon that has the Japanese character “ra” in its name, narrowing it down to precisely forty-six potential Pokemon.  Some seemed like natural candidates.  Amongst these were two of the earliest fighting Pokemon, Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee, as well as Swampert, the only third generation starter Pokemon not included thus far.


Then the Japanese magazine CoroCoro leaked, revealing three additional fighters coming to the game, Garchomp, Braixen, and Mewtwo (as opposed to the previously revealed Shadow Mewtwo).  But, as none of these Pokemon have  “ra” in their names, none of these combatants were the mystery Pokemon.  The internet was burning with excitement and abuzz with speculation.  The predominant expectation that many of us were lured in to was that it would be Swampert (though everyone should have been crossing their fingers for Darkrai!).  No one was expecting who it truly was lurking in the shadows.


The latest fighter announced for Pokken Tournament is none other than the “luring Pokemon” Chandelure!  This ghost/fire type Pokemon is the first Pokemon from the fifth generation announced for the game.  The only question that remains is how the Pokemon will fight, especially since, as its name suggests, its design is based on a chandelier.  Luckily, the site mentioned that footage of the fighter would be coming as early as January 31st.  Who knows, it could the fighter in the game that no other character can hold a light to!


Pokemon also recently revealed a ton of information about what to expect from its twentieth anniversary celebration.  Check all of that out right here!  And keep checking Goomba Stomp for all things Pokemon!

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