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Watch this Faux Commercial for ‘The Boys’ Action Figures

Fighting crime, Seven-style!



TV Editor Randy Dankievitch has been rather harsh in his reviews of The Boys, the Amazon superhero television series based on the popular comic book of the same name. We know some of you aren’t happy with his critique but to be fair, the first season is wildly uneven and he did go on to write that the final episode delivers “explosive(ly meaningful) action sequences, dynamic moments of character, and a number of truly unexpected narrative shifts”. So, I guess it isn’t all negative right?

That out of the way, the rest of us here at Goomba Stomp seem to like The Boys (despite its flaws) which is why we thought it would be fun to share the following promotional material.

Amazon has released a clever marketing video on Twitter in the form of a faux commercial that shows several children playing with action figures based on the beloved superhero team. “Fighting crime, Seven-style!” the kids announce while completely unaware of how crude, violent and offensive the show actually is.

Regardless if you like the show or not, this is pretty cool and honestly, if they were to ever release these action figures, I’m pretty sure die-hard fans of both the comic and the series would no doubt buy them all.

Watch the video below. Enjoy!

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