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Shovel Knight is easily among the most ambitious indie franchises out there, with numerous full-length spinoffs and extra campaigns. Today, developer Yacht Club games revealed the next entry in the wide-ranging franchise, Shovel Knight Dig, taking the famously retro series into 16-bit for the first time. The full reveal trailer can be seen below.

Shovel Knight Dig is developed in collaboration with Nitrome, a British independent studio that is best known for the numerous free browser games hosted on their website. In recent years the company has expanded towards other platforms, such as mobile and console, with their most recent project being Bomb Chicken, a platformer for PC and Switch that we loved in our review, calling it one of Nitrome’s best games yet. 

Shovel Knight Dig Game

Yacht Club notes that this collaboration has been in the works for more than a year, but also states that it’s still a long way away. Platforms are currently listed as “TBD,” but since it is confirmed to be playable at PAX West on Switch and was also featured on the PlayStation Blog, it’s certain that t will hit Sony and Nintendo’s consoles at least.

Shovel Knight Dig will feature a new story that begins when the devilish Drill Knight attacks Shovel Knight’s camp and steals his treasure, leading our hero on a quest to get his treasure back. While this story may sound par for the course for the series, it will also be a departure in terms of its gameplay, due to the addition of procedurally generated levels. Between the brand-new story, the original detailed visual style, and its randomized gameplay, Shovel Knight Dig is set to be a unique entry in the million-selling independent franchise. Here’s the full description of the game, courtesy of Yacht Club’s official website:

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