‘Watch Dogs: Legion’ Post Launch Content Will Include Aiden Pearce, Wrench and A New Female Assassin as Playable Characters

by Antonia Haynes

Ubisoft have released a bunch of new information about their post-release content plans for their upcoming game Watch Dogs: Legion. There will be both a season pass and free content after the games October 29th release. Let’s take a look at what the game will have to offer post-launch.

Coming on December 3rd, an online mode for Watch Dogs: Legion will become available in a free update. The online mode will include four-player co-op, so prepare to get up to some naughtiness in the streets of London with co-op missions and dynamic events. There are also tactical ops missions for four-player co-op. Working as a team is the key to these tactical ops and it admittedly does sound fun. Personally though, flying around on a giant drone and causing mayhem with your friends’ sounds a little more fun. There’s also a PVP mode which is a first for the Watch Dogs franchise. It’s not quite what you might think though. Up to eight players will be able to duke it out in the Spider Bot arena with your very own adorable and deadly Spider Bot. It’s an interesting play from Ubisoft to incorporate PVP in a different style to what we are used to. I’m here for it. The classic Watch Dogs online mode Invasion will also be making a comeback. Don’t even think about invading my game though or I swear I will make you regret it. Other free content post-launch will include new missions, characters, and New Game Plus. Now that we’ve gone through the free updates, let’s take a look at what you can get if you fork out extra for the Watch Dogs: Legion season pass.

The season pass- which will be called Watch Dogs Legion: Bloodline– will include four new hero characters that will be playable. Aiden Pearce- the protagonist of the first Watch Dogs game- will have his own story expanded in Bloodline but he will also be joined by another familiar face from the franchise. Wrench- the masked smart mouth tech whiz from Watch Dogs 2– will also be a playable character. There’s not much information as to how he will fit in with Aiden’s story but seeing the two interact could be somewhat amusing. They are polar opposites of the spectrum in terms of personality. Basically, they are a buddy cop movie waiting to happen. Prepare for wacky hijinks people. The third playable character is called Mina, a “transhuman” who has been subject to experiments that have given her the ability to control people’s minds. Creepy, but I love it. The final character is a pretty cool addition. Darcy- a member of the Assassin’s Brotherhood in the modern-day- will be the fourth playable character from the season pass. This isn’t the first time we have seen a crossover between the Ubisoft properties Assassins Creed and Watch Dogs , with both of them referencing one another at different times. However, it is the first time we will be able to play as another franchise character in this way. I doubt it means anything in terms of lore for either game (Ubisoft don’t always prioritise story and lore, let’s be honest) but this is still a neat add-on that could lead to more tangible crossovers in the future.

There was also a new story trailer for Watch Dogs: Legion, showing off some of the narrative from the game. It’s the old “resistance fighting back against corporate bad guys” chestnut but it still looks like a lot of fun. The unique lack of a protagonist is also intriguing but the season pass is a good way to offer an alternative to those unsure of the prospect (as long as you can pay out for it of course). They also say the word “London” about a billion times in this trailer so I am kind of hoping that the game doesn’t go down the whole “cor Blimey gov, listen to my terrible English accent!” route. I’m counting on you Ubisoft. Don’t do it.

Watch Dogs: Legion is set for release on October 29th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Google Stadia, and PC. It is also coming to the next-gen the following month, arriving on the Xbox Series X on November 10th and the PlayStation 5 on November 12th.  

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