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VOD: Capcom Celebrates Resident Evil’s 20th Anniversary



Resident Evil is credited with bringing the survival horror genre to the masses and ushering in a golden age of truly terrifying video games. Originally conceived as a remake of Capcom’s earlier horror-themed game Sweet Home, Shinji Mikami, took gameplay design cues from Alone in the Dark and established a formula that has proven a success time and time again.

The eponymous first game in the series may seem dated but the simple premise and duplicitous puzzlebox mansion holds up incredibly well, twenty years later. For those who love the series’ puzzle elements, the original is unparalleled. The opening sequence sets up a campy tone with unintentionally hilarious voice acting, but once your knee deep in the mansion, things become unbearably tense. Resident Evil requires patience, and what makes the game so good is the slow burn. It’s punishing at times and demands players to proceed with caution.

The series celebrates its 20 year anniversary today and Capcom is working hard honouring the milestone. Along with the recent high definition master the company promises to deliver some amazing new surprises throughout the year – and just today they released a video interview with series producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi. Be sure to check back all week as we celebrate one of our favourite video game franchise, but for now, check out the interview below.

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