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Video of the Day: The History of ‘Paper Mario’



With Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam less than a month away for those of us in North America, now’s a good time to take a look back at the one that started a new series, Paper Mario for the N64, and that’s exactly what the folks at Did You Know Gaming? have done. It turns out that making another Mario-themed role-playing game and following in the footsteps of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars wasn’t an easy task, with Squaresoft having moved on to making games exclusively for the original PlayStation, but luckily Nintendo 2nd party developer Intelligent Systems was up to the task, thanks to some casual illustrations from a member of the team. Check out the video below for insights into how the 2D look was decided on in the age of N64 3D games, and learn about some of the many Easter eggs hidden in this gem, including a diary entry that predicts Luigi’s Mansion.

The excellent Paper Mario is currently available for download from the Wii U virtual console.

Patrick Murphy grew up in the hearty Midwest, where he spent many winter hours watching movies and playing video games while waiting for baseball season to start again. When not thinking of his next Nintendo post or writing screenplays to satisfy his film school training, he’s getting his cinema fix as the Editor of Sordid Cinema, Goomba Stomp's Film and TV section.