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Video of the Day: An Audio/Visual Retelling of the Original ‘Legend of Zelda’ Manga



When it was released, The Legend of Zelda was a first in so many categories. Not only was it an early example of open world and non-linear gameplay, but it also introduced a battery backup to save your progress. It served as the foundation of many modern adventure games, introducing now-basic concepts like dungeon maps, utility equipment, and boss formulas that we still see used today. It also just so happens to be the very first video game that was adapted to a manga.

Although the game celebrated its 20 year anniversary in Japan last year, the US release arrived 30 years ago on the 22nd of August, 1987, and in order to celebrate the occasion, YouTube channel GTV has released a video that features a full English narration of Hyrule Fantasy, the first manga based on the game from publisher, Wanpaku Comics. Considering it is almost impossible to get your hands on a copy of the original print, the video serves as a great audio/video retelling of the book, which reportedly weighs in at a lengthy 194 pages – thus explaining the 30-minute running time of the video.


via NintendoLife

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