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Various Persona Soundtracks Coming to Spotify Tomorrow



If you’re familiar with the Persona game franchise, you’re likely aware of the killer soundtracks that all of the games have. It can sometimes be hard to get a hold of the music in an official capacity (I’ve been scouring the web for the Persona 5 soundtrack for weeks as it isn’t on the iTunes store in the UK) but as of tomorrow- January 5th– the music from various games in the Persona series will be coming to Spotify.

The music- which is usually composed by Shoji Meguro- is a highlight of the series so it is awesome that it is finally going to be coming to the music streaming service. The news comes from AniPlaylist’s Twitter account (AniPlaylist being a website that specialises in cataloguing anime music. The AniPlaylist account listed the soundtracks that will be arriving tomorrow on Spotify, including the Persona 5, 4, 3 and 2 soundtracks as well several others which I will list here:

According to the AniPlaylist Tweet:

Main games soundtracks:

 – Persona 5 OST

 – P4 & Golden OST

 – P3 & FES OST

– P2 Sound Collections

 But also:

– P4 Dancing All Night OST

 – P4 Arena Ultimax OST

– Never More -Reincarnation: Persona 4-

 – P3 & P4 Vocal Sound Collection

– PQ & PQ2 OST

 – MUSIC FES 2013


Make sure to have a listen when the soundtracks become available on Spotify as of tomorrow, January 5th.

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