Unusual Date Movies

by Drew Williamson

What are unusual date movies?

Watching movies is one of the most popular date activities. Whether you tend towards, arthouse classics, or blockbusters at your local multiplex, complete with 3D visuals, surround-sound, and optional 3D glasses. The obvious choices are often romantic movies, comedies, or high-octane thrillers, but these represent the tip of an iceberg. To many couples, it’s as much to do with the overall experience of cinema and the thrill of watching, regardless of the subject matter behind these two hours of glorious escapism.

According to a survey of meetmilfy.com users, watching non-trivial movies together on a date increases the chances of success by giving you an additional topic for discussion.

1.) Both will remember this date?

Aside from the surreal experiences of 2020, with closed cinemas and much of the film industry ‘on hold,’ going to the movies has traditionally allowed a non-standard approach. Of course, there will always be the option of watching the films that everyone else has been chatting about at the water cooler (when you sometimes have to cover your ears to avoid spoilers). But for a lot of more intrepid daters, the true joy of cinema is discovering hidden gems or watching favorite actors give performances they aren’t well known for. Whether you are on your first or 20th date, this sense of choosing lesser-appreciated titles deserving of greater attention can become a shared experience that creates especially poignant memories.

2.) Interactive cinema as a way to get to know each other

Another hugely entertaining way for couples to appreciate films is to get involved in interactive cinema, also known as movie games. Titles from this genre can be played together, allowing the participants to get a more immersive experience, as opposed to watching a standard movie from individual viewpoints. Here the action can be manipulated by the players, with choices being made that will influence how events unfold on the screen. These represent a great way of becoming more familiar with the character and personality of the person you are collaborating with.

Examples of popular interactive movies

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

A young programmer (Fionn Whitehead) tries recreating a childhood computer game. Viewers make decisions about his direction.


Follow the unravelling story as Erica (Holly Earl) confronts childhood nightmares and the truth of her family’s occult past.

Late Shift

Shot in full HD, maths student Matt is forced into an auction house robbery. You have to help prove his innocence.

3.) Films about love and more

Although many movies make for perfect viewing during your date, these certainly don’t have to be romantic. A traditional film with a happy and simple ending is sometimes the antithesis of what makes a terrific love film. You can become much more invested in darker themes, getting hooked on movies with flawed central characters facing emotional dilemmas. Take a cult classic like One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. This takes the viewer along a rollercoaster of emotions, from joy to despair, laugher, and tears. You don’t have to dwell on simplistic themes of love or relationships to have your feelings charged. Movies of any genre are capable of lifting you.

Unusual date movies


Theodor (Joaquim Phoenix) develops feelings for a female, Samantha (Scarlett Johansson). The only trouble is she doesn’t exist – she’s an artificially-intelligent virtual assistant. Can true love exist in these circumstances? This is the challenging question driving this enthralling film.

Collateral Beauty

An advertising executive (Will Smith) experiences a personal tragedy. Withdrawing from his social circle, he writes letters to the universe – to Love, Time, and Death – questioning life. The unexpected responses make you ponder these great questions yourself.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

An estranged couple (Jim Carey and Kate Winslet) have deliberately erased each other from their memories. This merely reveals the depth of their love.

The Dreamers

Apt for film night, this passionate film focuses on a trio, an American student who meets an odd brother and sister, who all adore the movies. An erotic love triangle develops.

Kill Your Darlings

Loosely based on the life of US writer Allen Ginsberg, this is a poignant and thoroughly enjoyable film about emotions and murder.

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JJ October 29, 2020 - 4:20 pm

“Loosely based on the life of US writer Allen Ginsberg, this is a poignant and thoroughly enjoyable film about emotions and murder.“

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