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The TV Roundtable Podcast Episode 10 – The Inaugural Not-Emmys (and Ball Hairs)



You already know the co-hosts of The TV Roundtable live on the #edge of #hottakes – but did you know they had enough #hottakes for their own award show? Commence the 1st Annual TV Roundtable Not-Emmys, the only award show with categories like “Best Fall Premiere of 2012 That Should Still Be Airing”, “Biggest Swing and a Miss of 2016-17”, “Best Shows to Watch On A Big-Ass TV”, and of course, “The OC Award For Teen Series We Actually Enjoy Watching”. So get drunk, #vape it up, and join the most unscripted, unprepared awards show co-hosts in America as they make their picks for the best and worst of the last 12 months of TV.

(This special extended episode also features a brief discussion about Netflix’s new mockumentary series American Vandal during the grand proceedings.)

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A TV critic since the pre-Peak TV days of 2011, Randy is a critic and editor formerly of Sound on Sight, Processed Media, TVOvermind, Pop Optiq, and many, many others.