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Top Five Underrated Characters in the Star Wars Films



The Star Wars universe is known for having a plethora of memorable characters; every movie is packed to the brim with dastardly villains, courageous heroes, and everything in between. Unfortunately for the lot listed below, they didn’t make the cut. However, this doesn’t discredit the fact that these five characters had important parts to play in the far-reaching narrative of the Star Wars franchise. Without further ado, let’s hear it for these unsung heroes:

Era: Galactic Civil War
Film: The Empire Strikes Back

Ahhh, Lobot. If not for your action figure, we probably wouldn’t even know your name. Acting as Lando Calrissian’s personal assistant and Cloud City’s computer-liaison officer, the once-human cyborg played a vital role in Princess Leia and Calrissian’s escape from the floating city on Bespin by diverting the city’s security forces to intercept the Imperial forces chasing our heroes. Also, Lobot had an entire fleshed-out backstory in which he helped his smuggler boss steal the Emperor’s personal yacht, and helped liberate his home system from the iron grip of the Empire (which pretty much certifies him as a badass in my book).  Unfortunately, that became null and void when Disney erased all expanded universe content following their purchase of the Star Wars rights.

Bib Fortuna
Era: Clone War/Galactic Civil War
Film: Return of the Jedi

While little is known about Bib, this Twi’lek organized many of Jabba the Hutt’s dastardly plans. Acting as the giant slug’s “Majordomo” (prevalent representative) starting at the Siege of Naboo, Fortuna’s career took off. From there, Bib help Jabba secure his high position in the Hutt’s crime family through corruption, bribery, and betrayal, until their untimely demise at the hand of a certain lightsaber-wielding farm boy. While he may not be the most attractive being to feast your eyes upon, there’s no denying Bib’s importance to the galaxy’s criminal underworld.

Era: Galactic Civil War
Film: The Empire Strikes Back

IG-88’s role in the Star Wars films is so minimal that I wouldn’t blame a casual fan for not even remembering who he is. The Assassin Droid is one of several bounty hunters hired by Darth Vader to track down Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon, a job which fan favorite Boba Fett completes later in the film. After that first scene in which Vader addresses the bounty hunters, IG-88 is never seen or heard from again. However, this walking collection of shower rods has a major role in orchestrating a terrifying droid uprising in the expanded universe, following the fall of the Empire. Not bad for a kettle with legs.

Bail Organa
Era: Clone Wars/beg. of the Galactic Civil War
Film: Attack of the Clones/Revenge of the Sith/Rogue One

It’s truly a shame that this senator and ruler of Alderaan did not receive the proper amount of representation in the main Star Wars films. Acting as one of the only political leaders to oppose the Empire and provide refuge for the Jedi during their extermination, Bail Organa also took on the responsibility of adopting Anakin Skywalker’s daughter, Leia, after the Jedi’s fall to the dark side. Organa also helped orchestrate Rogue One’s mission to steal the Death Star plans, and supported the Rebel Alliance up until his death during the annihilation of Alderaan at the hands of the Empire.


Wedge Antilles
Era: Galactic Civil War
Film: A New Hope/The Empire Strikes Back/Return of the Jedi

What’s most shameful about Wedge Antilles being on this list is that his major contributions are showcased perfectly in both A New Hope and Return of the Jedi, but are also overshadowed by the main characters’ antics. Acting as the leader of Rogue Squadron, Antilles helped protect Luke as he made his trench run to destroy the first Death Star, and during the Battle of Hoth. What’s more, he’s also responsible for destroying the second Death Star, but people tend to forget that among the flashy lightsaber battles and annoying bear midgets. Even after his success in the Galactic Civil War, Antilles went on to lead several successful minor rebellions, became fleet commander for the New Republic, helped defend – then retake – Coruscant, and led a yet another rebellion against the corrupt Galactic Alliance. In short, Wedge is an absolute badass, and has a track record that puts even some of the biggest names in Star Wars to shame.


What are some of your favorite unsung heroes of the Star Wars universe? Champion them in the comments below!

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