Top 3 Movie and TV show themed online slots

by Drew Williamson

Our Favourite Movie and TV show themed online slots

Playing movie-themed online slots at a casino platform of your choice enables you to revisit the characters and worlds that have entertained you time and again on the big/small screens, over the years. While some developers team up with popular movie franchises just to bank on their reach, the others increase the bluckbuster’s fame even more by adding to its entertainment quotient.

Here in this article, we will take you through the top 3 movie-themed online slots that can be enjoyed at all popular and reputed online casino platforms of today, for instance, JackpotCity online casino and others.

Game of Thrones

The award-winning, phenomenal TV series that took the world by storm has inspired all kinds of entertainment products and services across the world. Microgaming, the well-known developer of online casino games lapped up the opportunity and created one of the best modern-day TV show themed online slot game with the same name – Game of Thrones. Regardless of whether you were satisfied by the series finale or not, you can relive its amazing battles by playing this online slot.

Loading this online slot catapults you right into the setting of Westeros. In fact, it’s amongst the very few TV show themed online slots that perfectly captures the theme of its corresponding show, the credit for which also goes to its epic and stunning soundtrack. The game’s reels feature all kinds of family crests, with the Throne making up the scatter bonus symbol and the series’ logo constituting the wild symbol.


Developed by Net Entertainment (NetEnt), the Jumanji online slot game was launched right after the new Jumanji movie starring Dwayne Johnson and Karen Gillian was released. Regardless of whether you prefer the old 90s film or this modern take on the classic, the online slot version of Jumanji will still keep you on the edge of your seat right from the word go. Below are some of the surprises you are in store for:

  • Sticky Vines which stick the best images on the game’s reels.
  • Monsoon Wilds which cover the entire one or two reels with the wild symbol.
  • The Rhino Stampede involving a rhino group passing over the reels and leaving behind a handful of wilds.
  • Monkey Mayhem wherein monkeys help you land the best combinations on the reels!

Although it will not win you huge sums as can be won from popular progressive jackpot slot games like Mega Moolah and others, its’ RTP (Return to Player) percentage of 96.3% does guarantee frequent wins.

Jurassic World, T-Rex, Reptile, Prehistoric

Jurassic World

Another popular online slot game by Microgaming, this one transports you to a remote island where dinosaurs still rule the food chain. Spinning the reels brings up all kinds of dinosaur symbols such as that of Pterodactyls, Tyrannosaurus, Velociraptors and others. It has 243 pay lines and is widely recognised as amongst the most action packed film-themed online slots in the business today. Collecting couple of scatter symbols turns them into wilds, setting you up for big wins. Things get even better in the event that you land three Amber scatter symbols, as you get awarded 10 free spins.

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