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This Week in Gaming News: PS5, ‘Doom 2’ and Bad Boy Billy Mitchell



Missed this week’s top gaming news? Been too busy gaming? Spent your entire time reading the crazy impressive God of War reviews? Don’t worry about it, I got you covered right here with a brief rundown of the five stories that piqued my interest the most this week, with a dash of my own glorious opinion thrown in for good measure. Let’s get to it.

PlayStation 5 is Real?

Where else to start but with the swathe of rumours about the console soon to make your brand new PS4 Pro obsolete – the PS5! Well, I say soon, but if rumours are to be believed, it won’t be releasing until 2020. Earlier this year, rumours surfaced that Sony might release the PS5 this year, but these seem to have been debunked, as Kotaku ran a report where they’d spoken to two unnamed developers who said they had knowledge of Sony’s plans for a new system. According to the site, these unnamed developers laughed at those older rumours about a release this year.


I can guarantee you right now that PS5 is not going to look like this. It’s going to be a black plastic box, not a fucking UFO.

The main bulk of the information seems to be around the purported fact that there are a fair amount of PS5 dev kits floating around the industry, but dev kits, as most people could guess, aren’t actual PS5 units – they’re usually just PC towers, or simply a custom motherboard. GoombaStomp’s very own John Cal McCormick produced an insanely detailed piece to run the rule over all the current PS5 rumours, as well as his own hopes and fears for the new system, so you absolutely have to check that out.

‘Lawbreakers’ Devs Jump on the Battle Royale Train With ‘Radical Heights’

Lawbreakers massively failed to gain an audience. At the end of the month it launched, the player count had dropped below 200, and is currently sitting ugly at an astounding 0. It was announced last week that the game will ‘only be supported in its current state,’ practically ending an abysmal 8 months for the FPS.

Having spectacularly ballsed up an attempt to cash in on the Overwatch craze, Cliff Bleszkinski’s studio Boss Key Productions has now released their attempt to potentially balls up cashing in on the current trend of Battle Royale games sweeping the industry in the form of Radical Heights. Some of you might be thinking, “Wait a minute – didn’t Cliff Bleszkinski leave Epic Games because they didn’t want to produce the games he wanted to make, and now his new studio has just released a complete rip off of Fortnite… which is developed by Epic Games?” Boy, you people are smart, because that really does seem to be exactly what’s happened.

BMXs are apparently relatively scarce right now. Not as scarce as female avatars though!

It’d be all good if the game improved on Fortnite and wasn’t a total shit show, but that really doesn’t seem to be the case right now. Billed as being in an ‘Extreme Early Access’ state, the game currently doesn’t even have a female character model, hilariously slapping a big ‘coming soon’ in its place. In fairness to the game, which apparently (or perhaps obviously) has only had 5 months of development to date, it does look to be at least trying to add something new to the Battle Royale formula – chiefly that you can deposit in-game cash to be spent on subsequent rounds, and that you can ride BMX bikes for some reason.

GoombaStomp’s Andrew Vandersteen has played through the game so you (and I) don’t have to, and you can read his full thoughts right here.

Did Bethesda Tease a Doom 2 Announcement for E3?

This one is less a big news story from the week, and more something that I would view as huge if it came to fruition. 2016’s Doom featured, in my humble opinion, the best first person shooter campaign of the last decade. In terms of pure, adrenaline-fuelled blasting brutality, Doom was incredible. It’s pretty much an inevitability that a sequel will be announced, but those readers who like to peruse between the proverbial lines have picked up on a potential E3 2018 reveal from comments made by Bethesda’s Pete Hines during a PAX East interview.

Disclaimer: Not Necessarily Official Doom 2 Art

According to, Hines’ statement read:

“Whether or not folks realize it, this is the hell on Earth time for us with E3. We are in the midst of so much planning and work for all of that content but I’m really excited”

The link to a Doom sequel? Why, ‘Hell on Earth’ was the original subtitle for Doom 2 when it released back in 1994, of course! If this is a cryptic hint, then kudos to you, Mr Hines. If not, well we may have to settle for Elder Scrolls 6 instead. Life’s tough, eh?

Billy Mitchell: Officially a Cheater

This news brought me so much joy, as I’m sure it would to anyone else who’s seen the magnificent 2008 video game documentary King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters. For, you see, Billy Mitchell – the man with the first-ever Pac-Man perfect game and 1 million point score in Donkey Kong – has clearly always been a shit. Fear not, because comeuppance has reared its beautiful head with the news that Twin Galaxies – official high score verifiers for Guiness World Records – is stripping him of all his high scores and records because he’s a big, dirty, cheating bastard. Steve Wiebe FTW!

Basically, Billy Big Bollocks has been found to have been using emulation software to submit his high scores, rather than genuine arcade machines. Of course, anyone who’s seen the aforementioned movie will already have smelt some Grade A Bullshit when he ousted Wiebe’s live world record score simply by submitting a VHS (one that blurred as the score meter ticked over to 1 million) – a method previously not allowed by Twin Galaxies, but accepted from Mitchell because of his years of being such a trustworthy and brilliant bloke.

I seriously can’t believe this guy turned out to be a dick. No, really. Okay, not really.

It may have taken several years, but Twin Galaxies has finally grown a pair and removed all of Billy’s high scores. Variety quoted a spokesperson as saying:

“Twin Galaxies is Guinness World Records’ trusted adviser on video game high scores and as such we rely on it to monitor high score gaming records and handle any and all disputes that occur within its community. The Guinness World Records titles relating to Mr. Mitchell’s highest scores on ‘Donkey Kong’ have all been disqualified due to Twin Galaxies being our source of verification for these achievements.

We also recognize records for the first perfect score on ‘Pac-Man’ and Highest score on ‘Pac-Man. Twin Galaxies was the original source of verification for these record titles and in line with their decision to remove all of Mr. Mitchell’s records from their system, we have disqualified Mr. Mitchell as the holder of these two records. Guinness World Records will look to update and find the appropriate holder of these records in the next few days.”

Ah, that feels good. Cheaters never prosper, kids. Or they do for several decades and then eventually don’t.

Shenmue I & II Remastered Will Release on Modern Consoles and PC This Year

Never will those sailors have looked better than when The Shenmue I & II Collection releases later this year in glorious 4k on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Sega revealed the game at its Sega Fes event in Japan on Friday.

Gamespot quotes the publisher as stating that the compilation comes with “fully scaleable screen resolution, choice of modern or classic control schemes, PC graphics options, an updated user interface, and the option to enjoy either the original Japanese or English voiceovers.”

It’s real! I mean, both games are already real, but now they’re real and also not unplayable (hopefully)

A remastered collection of the two original titles has been strongly rumoured ever since the announcement of Shemue III’s Kickstarter campaign, but it’s fantastic to finally have it confirmed with some much-needed improvements and to see it coming this year. You folks can watch the reveal trailer while I go renew my forklift driving licence, and I’ll speak to you again next week.

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