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This First Person Sonic The Hedgehog Mod Is Definitely Going to Cause Some Migraines



Today in the blog, I wanted to talk about a Twitter user by the name of Skyth- or @bsthlc– who is a reverse engineer, programmer and Sonic the Hedgehog modder. Skyth is asking the hard hitting questions when it comes to gaming, including “how would a Sonic the Hedgehog game play as a first person title?” The answer is chaotically and with a severe increase in chronic head pain. Thanks to an initial mod from Skyth, you can now have a go yourself. But fair warning, it is not for the faint of heart or for those with sensitive eyes, heads or stomachs. In all seriousness, I am actually going to give something of a disclaimer here.

The mod really is quite straining on the eyes, so if you suffer from any disorders like epilepsy or are prone to migraines I would advise not looking at the below clip.

Skyth took to Twitter to show parts of the mod in action and the result is more than a little hard on the eyes (which you are probably aware of if you’ve made it this far and haven’t thrown up yet). I’m surprised Sonic isn’t just in a constant state of severe nausea and/or puking his little hedgehog guts out every ten seconds. Skyth had some advice for those brave enough to take on the mod, saying on Twitter that “2D sections are hard to navigate but…its obvious why”, “you might want to enable Disable Boost Particles code as well” and that you will “need HedgeModManager for this to work”. They also added “enjoy the suffering”. So you know, welcome to hell and all that.  

Though it may cause some sore eyes and painful brains, this mod is so creative and amazingly well done. Even if you can’t actually play it or even look at it, you have to at least appreciate how awesome this is and the work that must have gone into it. Skyth has a profile over on the modding website GameBanana with plenty of Sonic the Hedgehog mods and content so make sure to check it out.

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