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EA Announces the Next ‘Star Wars’ Game





Late last year when Star Wars: Battlefront was released, there was a lot of fuss, among other things, about how there wasn’t a dedicated storyline or campaign to aid the online multiplayer shooter. Given there hasn’t been a story based Star Wars game for some time, the gamer fan base has become restless. There was hope a few years back when LucasArts revealed their development of Star Wars 1313 at E3 2012. The highly anticipated Boba Fett narrative was shortly announced as canceled by The Walt Disney Company. Speculation assumes that it was due to the mature and gritty take LucasArts was trying to achieve. Well, after years have gone by and questions have gone unanswered, EA appropriately announced on Star Wars Day that they are here to wipe away our tears.

EA’s Executive Vice President of EA Studios, Patrick Söderlund, announced that they’re teaming up with Respawn Entertainment to bring us the next Star Wars game. It will be a third-person action-adventure story based game and that’s only the beginning. He also let us know that several other studios are in development of multiple Star Wars games that may or may not be story-based installments. The EVP’s excitement is hardly tame in the written announcement as he explains how the gaming community’s passion for the franchise is inspiring the developers to create and expand the extended universe of the Star Wars lore.
You can find Söderlund’s original statement here.

Star Wars fans, If you’d like to keep up to date on Star Wars gaming news, EA is most likely the place you will want to look. You can visit them at

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