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The Xbox Series X Fridge Meme Has Actually Become A Reality



Remember back when the Xbox Series X was announced last year and the Internet got straight to work making memes about the consoles similarity to a fridge? Microsoft got on board with the joke pretty quickly, tweeting out a comparison of the Series X’s scale measurements with an actual fridge. Well now, the joke has gone one step further. Microsoft has created an actual Xbox Series X fridge that one lucky person will actually win. This is what happens when memes and real-life become to blur together and it’s a little scary.

The fridge itself is actually really awesome as it is a full 1:1 scale replica of the actual Xbox Series X console. It’s six feet tall and over 400 pounds, a definite chunky boy of a refrigerator. The fridge features an Xbox logo that lights up, a green interior glow and the Xbox Series X boot up sound when you open the door via the disk drive slot. Microsoft enlisted Snoop Dogg to showcase the fridge as he was lucky enough to be gifted one due to his loyalty to Xbox for years.

For a chance to win this glorious fridge, all you have to do is go to Xbox’s Twitter, follow their page and retweet their tweet on the Xbox Series X Fridge Giveaway. I’ll post it here so you can go straight there. Good luck! Now, all we need is for PlayStation to unveil a PS5 oven and we’ll be set for kitchen appliances.

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