The Untitled Goose meets ‘Resident Evil 2’

by Rick

Upon release on PC, Mac, and the Nintendo Switch, Untitled Goose Game became one of the surprise hits of 2019. The stealth puzzle video game developed by House House not only received positive reviews from every outlet (including us) but has since become a viral sensation, generating plenty of memes, online conversation and selling over 100,000 copies in its first two weeks alone.

One player made it his mission to steal every item that can be picked up in the game while another, a professional game designer, made it his mission to include the popular goose in his own indie game. And now, just a month after the game’s release, the feathered protagonist has made his way into Resident Evil 2.

Some of you may remember the famous modder who goes by the alias, Alister. Not too long ago he decided to mod RE2 and replace the sound effects that accompany Mr. X with the sounds of Thomas the Tank Engine. Well, Alister is back, only this time he’s decided to swap the famous RE2 antagonist with the Goose, from Untitled Goose Game. The mod appears to be a work in progress but you can catch of glimpse of what it will look like via the Gif below.

A while back I wrote about why the bosses in Resident Evil 2 are among the most iconic villains. I’m not sure if the nameless goose can instill the same amount of fear in players but regardless, I’d play that version of RE2 any day.

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