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The ‘SNL’ ‘Joker’ Parody is so much Better than the Actual Joker Film



The classic children’s TV show has become a haven of crime and corruption in this new trailer.

On Oct. 12, David Harbour appeared in a new SNL sketch that pokes fun at Todd Phillips’ new film, Joker.

I’m usually pretty quick at catching these sketches online but somehow this video escaped me until now. And while I realize a week has gone by and this is perhaps old news, I just couldn’t help myself and had to write about it either way.

In the fake ad, the Stranger Things star plays a garbage man named Oscar in the mock origin story of you guessed it, Oscar the Grouch. The clip features multiple references to the DC movie starring Joaquin Phoenix, with Harbour going all-in to embrace his role while gently mocking the performance of his fellow actor.

Many other members of the Sesame Street cast also make an appearance including a female Big Bird stripper and Cookie Monster who is shown begging on the street with a sign that reads “Need money for cookies.” Meanwhile, Elmo is getting arrested, telling cops, “Elmo innocent, Elmo didn’t sell no crack,” and The Count is busy popping pills. Topping it all off is a cameo by Ernie and Bert who are attacked in an alley by a gang of thugs.

“The once friendly neighbourhood of Sesame Street has now become a haven of crime and corruption,” declares Guy Smiley of ABCDEFG News, while Harbour’s Grouch asks: “If everybody calls you trash, and everybody treats you like trash… why don’t you become trash?”

I’m not a fan of Todd Phillips’ Joker and pretty much agree with what Brian wrote in his review. While Joaquin Phoenix is at the top of his game, the film and its lazy screenplay aren’t up to his standards— and in all honesty, I’d much prefer to see a full-length feature film of this Sesame Street/Joker crossover instead.

Check out the video below. Enjoy!

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