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The People of Goomba Stomp: What Games Would We Make?



‘The People of Goomba Stomp,’ is a monthly series where our site’s team comes together to discuss a broad or controversial topic and provide multiple unique perspectives. Maybe we’ll make our case for our individual Game of the Show’s from E3, or debate which console has the best exclusives. It’s also a way for you to learn a little more about the individual members of the team. This month several members of Goomba Stomp are pitching what type of game they’d develop if they got the chance, and providing a bit of a background around what their role is on the site.

Chris Bowring (Feature Writer and Podcast Host)

I started producing content about video games around 5 years ago and had been working as a freelance games journalist for websites for a about a year and a half before joining the Goombastomp team in mid-2017. I’ve predominantly been a feature writer for the site, producing articles about how video games can help you deal with breaks ups, be a form of meditation or embrace sexuality. I also hosted the debate focused ‘Fist Fight’ podcast, where I interviewed indie developers on the creative process of development. I was inspired to produce this first topic because of an ongoing series I’m writing, where I research and demonstrate how someone with no experience can make a video game on their own. The game I’m producing is a 2D platformer, with gameplay inspired by; Super Mario Bros., Super Meat Boy and Braid, an art style inspired by The Unfinished Swan and the artist Psychic Pebbles, and a story revolving around how video games turn people violent.

So with this in mind, I’ve asked the Goomba Stomp team what type of game they would make, if given the opportunity. What would the mechanics be, what type of genre, what story would fit around it and where would their inspiration come from?

Taylor Smith (Feature Writer and Foreign Gaming Explorer)

Hey, I’m Taylor. I’ve been writing for Goombastomp since its start roughly 2 years ago. I’ve done a lot of different things like reviews and history pieces, but I think my biggest contributions have been the columns I’ve run. The first was “Import Report.” It focused on things related to foreign games, how they’re translated, and the various import games I love. Currently, I write a monthly to bi-weekly column called “Check the Map,” where I look at interesting gaming and hobby-related places in Japan. I love imports and foreign games (obviously), and I think that being able to study media from other cultures is a great way to broaden your perception of the things around you.

I would want to make an online card game if given the opportunity. TCGs are another passion of mine, and I think digital media has the potential to keep the best parts of card games (the cards and interactions) without all the less-fun parts (pulling from packs and overpriced pieces of cardstock). I’d love to create a cheap $20 game up front with extra $5 expansions every 3 months or so. No packs, no pulls, every player would always have a complete set of cards without having to worry about breaking the bank to build the deck they want. Card games also provide an excellent way for a developer to stay in touch with their players through consistent updates and events.

Brent Middleton (Nintendo and Anime Feature Writer)

I was primarily hired as a Nintendo writer, but over my tenure at the site I’ve covered a bunch of indies and the occasional Microsoft game, too. Most recently I’ve fallen headfirst back in love with anime, so I’ve been writing a ton about that this year. If you ever have any suggestions (recent or older) feel free to get in touch and let me know!

There’s nothing I value more in a game than a great story and fleshed-out characters, and to that end I’d love to create a story-heavy JRPG that spans multiple continents/worlds and features a variety of party members that players get attached to along the way. I’d want players to be able to make key choices that affect the game’s story in meaningful ways (and highlight the choices from the previous run to make multiple playthroughs more accessible).  I always said that if I were to produce some kind of visual media, it would be aesthetically very similar to Steven Universe. I love lighthearted, colorful, charming visuals, so my game would definitely reflect that. Whimsical character designs, strong voice acting and a gorgeous orchestral soundtrack would all come together to make an experience that totally envelops the player in the experience.

The most important element in any game that I make, though, would be getting across a true sense of adventure. Some of my most beloved games (Tales of Symphonia and Xenoblade Chronicles, for instance) do a great job of making the player feel like they’ve embarked on a truly epic journey. It’s exciting, it makes players feel like they’re part of something bigger than themselves, and it sets the stage for tons of potential character development.

Katrina Lind (Indie Editor)

I’m Katrina and I’m one of the Indie Editors for Goomba Stomp. I mainly write about any and all things indie gaming, whether it’s reviews, introspective pieces, or industry trends. I like when a game hits me really personally and I can talk about it from a really intimate point of view. I didn’t begin gaming until a few years ago, and when I did, I only played indies. So there are giant chunks of gaming history I haven’t played or experienced, and a lot of my views on games don’t have a tinge of nostalgia to them, which is both a blessing and a curse.

If I were to design a game, I would design probably something similar to Night in the Woods. I love mysteries and whenever I write anything, I draw on my personal experiences. I grew up in the middle of nowhere Oregon, in a town of about 1,000 people. My town is weird as fuck and I used to like to imagine different monsters in the woods outside of my house. Then I got older, and my mom used to tell me all about the actual murders and crimes that would happen in and around my town. Really spooky stuff too, like murder-suicides and bodies in barrels. I’d love to design something based on those stories/experiences because I’d love for people to experience those stories like I did and see the forests I saw. With a rad 2d art style, of course.

Feature Writer/ Reviewer for Goombastomp and founder of Quiet Stories For more info on upcoming books, podcasts, articles and video games follow me @OurQuietStories on Twitter. On a more personal note i'm a beard fanatic, calamari connoisseur and professional fat guy.

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Sad News DS Fans: The Nintendo 3DS Has Been Discontinued



After almost ten years in service, Nintendo’s portable 3DS console has officially been discontinued according to Nintendo’s official website. This applies to all the various models of the console: the 3DS, the 2DS, the New 3DS, the New 2DS, the 3DS XL, the New 3DS XL and the New 2DS XL.

The 3DS was an innovative handheld gaming console upon its release in 2011, combining 3-D technology and gaming without the need for special 3-D glasses. The 3D effect was obtained via an optical illusion with the systems screen- a stereoscopic effect that could be turned on with a slider. I remember the awe I felt the very first time I used the 3DS. It felt like a whole new era of gaming encased in a small and sleek package.

Although not hugely popular when it was first released, sales of the console grew a few years after. Since the release of the Nintendo Switch in 2017, sales of the 3DS have been steadily declining so it is not a huge surprise that Nintendo have made this decision. However, it is still a sad moment for DS fans as it means the end of solely portable consoles for Nintendo. I have a lot of fond memories from my 3DS and my plain old DS. I still remember getting the original DS for my birthday in 2006 and spending the rest of the day playing Nintendogs. Good times.

So raise a glass, bid farewell and press F to pay your respects to the 3DS and the DS console in general. You will be missed, dear friend.  

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The ‘Mass Effect’ Remastered Trilogy Rumours Are Back in Full Swing



Desperate Mass Effect fans- myself included- have long been hoping for an announcement of a remaster of Bioware’s epic space drama trilogy. Despite no news coming from Bioware themselves or publishers EA, the fandom has been clutching at straws in regards to a remaster. However, there have been a couple of suggestions here and there- such as the listing of a Mass Effect art book coming in March 2021- that point towards a remaster coming our way. The most recent suggestion is possibly the strongest yet so let’s take a look.

A Portuguese retail website recently posted a listing for the Mass Effect Trilogy game, complete with box art and various console versions. The listing showed three different versions of the remaster: A PlayStation 4 version, an Xbox One version and a Nintendo Switch version. Prices were also posted with the retail listing- though they are listed as the euro currency due to the location of the site- with the PS4 and Xbox One versions listed as 59.99 euros and the Switch one down as 49.99 euros. The listing has since been deleted by the retailer site but thanks to Twitter- more specifically the Twitter user Nibel– you can check out the listing below.

This is very encouraging for us Mass Effect fans. It’s not so good for the person responsible for the listing though. Let’s be honest, they are losing their job for sure. The trilogy remaster has been circulating the gaming rumour mill for a while so here’s hoping that we will get some concrete information- and an actual confirmation- sometime soon.

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Square Enix Announces ‘Final Fantasy XVI’ for PlayStation 5





During today’s PlayStation 5 Showcase event, Square Enix revealed that acclaimed creators Naoki Yoshida (Final Fantasy® Xiv, Dragon Quest X) and Hiroshi Takai (Final Fantasy Xiv, The Last Remnant) are collaborating on an all-new standalone mainline Final Fantasy game, titled Final Fantasy XVI, for the PlayStation 5 system.

The news was revealed via the Final Fantasy XVI“Awakening” trailer which can be viewed below.

Here’s what Producer Naoki Yoshida had to say:

Final Fantasy Xvi producer (that’s right, just producer) Naoki Yoshida here. How did you enjoy the trailer? The exclusive footage, comprised of both battles and cutscenes running in real-time, represents but a fraction of what our team has accomplished since the start of development on this, an all-new Final Fantasy game. In that span, the team’s size has grown from a handful of core members to a full-fledged unit that continues to polish and build upon what they have created so far, all to provide players an experience unmatched in terms of story and gameplay.

Our next big information reveal is scheduled for 2021, so in the meantime, I expect everyone to have fun speculating, as we have a lot in store—not only for Final Fantasy XVI, but for Final Fantasy XIV, too. Needless to say, I’ll be working hard on both!

Final Fantasy XVI

And here is what director Hiroshi Takai had to say:

When Final Fantasy I was released, I was just another player─a young student with big dreams. By the time Final Fantasy V was in the works, I had earned myself a seat at the developers’ table… albeit at the very end. From there, I moved “online” leaving my mark on both Final Fantasy XI and XIV.

And now…XVI.

From the establishment of an all-new development environment, to learning the ins-and-outs of the PS5, the team and I have taken on countless challenges during our journey to bring you the sixteenth chapter in the storied Final Fantasy franchise. And though we’re pouring our hearts and souls into this project each and every day, it may still be some time before we can get it into your hands. However, I promise it will be worth the wait!

Final Fantasy XVI

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