The Overwatch Voice Actors Take on Among Us

by Antonia Haynes

You might have noticed that I talk about crossovers a lot here but this time, I have an official one to discuss. Kind of. Well not really. Okay, not at all technically. But it’s at least a little more official than my usual content. This time around, we’re looking at some of the voice actors from Blizzard’s Overwatch taking on the viral indie hit Among Us.

Eight of the Overwatch voice actors come together via Zoom to take on the who dun it game: Lucio’s VA Jonny Cruz- who hosts the game- Mercy’s VA Lucie Pohl, Sombra’s VA Carolina Ravassa, Genji’s VA Gaku Space, Sigma’s VA Boris Hiestand, Roadhog’s VA Josh Petersdorf, Tracer’s VA Cara Theobold and Zarya’s VA Dolya Gavanski. Some highlights include Josh not being trusted by any of the team and proceeding to call out a child by saying that kids were born to lie, Lucie having a pillow with Gaku Space’s face on it (Gency shippers rejoice) and Boris being pretty much being exactly like Sigma in real life (minus the crazy).

It’s so cool to see VA’s interact with each other and their fans this way. Out of the many fandoms I have been a part of, the Overwatch one has to be the best in terms of the actors acknowledging and interacting with their fans. I got likes and comments from the cast on a piece of Overwatch fan art that I drew once (Gaku Space even complained that I had drawn Genji too small) and it was great to know that they appreciate our efforts as fans (yes I did just link to my own artwork. Some shameless self-promotion is necessary sometimes). Getting together to play this game is likely an enjoyable experience for the cast too but it’s also another gesture to the fans that show that Overwatch truly has some of the best community interaction. Check out the whole video below and have a look at Jonny Cruz’s channel here. Or as I prefer to call him, the hippity hoppity healer man. I’m so sorry.

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