The Mid-Season Replacements Podcast Episode 45 – “Livin’ In A Post-Ferrera Era”

by Randy Dankievitch

Sean’s back from hiatus, and The Mid-Season Replacements are back to thinking way too much about half-hour television, which means all is right in the world. After reflecting on the final season of Superstore – and specifically, the fantastic “Conspiracy” – Randy and Sean wrestle with their conflicted WandaVision emotions, examining the latest streaming cultural touchstone, and pondering what might have been. Plus: talkin’ about the Utah Jazz and the Nintendo Switch – if you were looking for some Minish Cap talk, this is the very specific episode you’ve been waiting for. for.

The Mid-Season Replacements Podcast is a weekly show hosted by Goomba Stomp and TV Never Sleeps’ Randy Dankievitch and Sean Colletti, with new episodes debuting every week.

Opening Music: “Curtains” by Ancient Fears

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