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On this week's show, Randy and Sean step into Emerald City to talk about the first season of HBO's Oz.


The Mid-Season Replacements Podcast Episode 28: “The Emerald City Files 1: Nobody Wants a Riot”

On this week’s show, Randy and Sean step into Emerald City to talk about the first season of HBO’s Oz.

On this week’s show, co-hosts Randy Dankievitch and Sean Colletti talk about HBO’s Oz, and its influence on both the 1997 and 2020 landscapes. Then, they dig into the particulars of the show’s eight-episode first season; the highs and lows, the best and worst characters, the most interesting choices – and how Oz‘s subject matter remains relevant today.

Shows discussed: Oz

The Mid-Season Replacements Podcast is a weekly show hosted by Goomba Stomp and TV Never Sleeps’ Randy Dankievitch and Sean Colletti, with new episodes debuting every Tuesday evening.

Opening Track: “Curtains” by Ryan Elliott (of Ancient Fears)

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A TV critic since the pre-Peak TV days of 2011, Randy is a critic and editor formerly of Sound on Sight, Processed Media, TVOvermind, Pop Optiq, and many, many others.

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