The Mid-Season Replacements Podcast Episode 11: “Puzzle Boxes of Bullsh*t”

by Randy Dankievitch
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On this week’s episode of The Mid-Season Replacements, it’s all about master manipulators as Randy and Sean turn their attention to the premiere HBO’s The Plot Against America adaptation, followed by a deep dive into “Shock and Awe”, the season finale of USA’s Dare Me. Also, the guys offer some picks for obscure series worth a watch while we’re all in coronavirus-related isolation.

Shows discussed: The Plot Against America, Dare Me, Hannibal, Looking, Playing House, Ground Floor


The Mid-Season Replacements Podcast is a weekly show hosted by Goomba Stomp and TV Never Sleeps’ Randy Dankievitch and Sean Colletti, with new episodes debuting every Tuesday evening.

Opening Track: “Curtains” by Ryan Elliott (of Ancient Fears)

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