The Mid-Season Replacements Episode Podcast 32: “Prestige Paranoia/Emerald City Files III”

by Randy Dankievitch
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Another week, another prestige drama opening in media res – which means its time for The Mid-Season Replacements to step in and offer their scientifically sound thoughts on the subject. It’s but one of many things they discuss about Showtime’s adaptation of The Good Lord Bird, before shifting their attention to the plot-packed, yet character-driven second season of HBO’s Oz. Then, more NBA Finals talk!

Shows discussed: The Good Lord Bird, Oz (Season 2, Episodes 2-8)

The Mid-Season Replacements Podcast is a weekly show hosted by Goomba Stomp and TV Never Sleeps’ Randy Dankievitch and Sean Colletti, with new episodes debuting every Tuesday evening.

Opening Track: “Curtains” by Ryan Elliott (of Ancient Fears)

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