The Mid-Season Replacements Episode 20 – “Shut Up, Reggie Miller”

by Randy Dankievitch
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ESPN’s 10-part The Last Dance documentary has captivated the attention of our quarantined nation – and naturally, Randy and Sean have a lot to say about it. Along for the ride is Goomba Stomp Editor-in-Chief Ricky D, with plenty of thoughts to share about the story of Jordan, Pippen, Jackson, and the many interesting choices made at pivotal moments in the series. Then, Randy and Sean reflect on the one-year anniversary of the end of Game of Thrones, from revisiting “The Iron Throne” to the ultimate impact of the cultural touchstone on the TV landscape (or lack thereof).

Shows discussed: The Last Dance, Game of Thrones

(if you’re just here for the Game of Thrones talk, it begins at 1:02:26)

The Mid-Season Replacements Podcast is a weekly show hosted by Goomba Stomp and TV Never Sleeps’ Randy Dankievitch and Sean Colletti, with new episodes debuting every Tuesday evening.

Opening Track: “Positive Force” by Ginger Slim

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