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The Legend of Zelda Modder Becomes an Interior Designer With Their Latest Mod for Breath of the Wild



Modder of all things related to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild– who goes by the name Waikuteru– is back with an awesome mod that not only revitalises Link’s house in the Nintendo Switch game but also adds a bunch of really cool additional features too.

Waikuteru goes into detail in their nine minute video- which I will post below- depicting each of the changes using both Link and Zelda. The most prominent of these is for Link’s house. Waikuteru shows off their interior design skills by sprucing up Link’s house significantly, such as adding a comfortable bed. It’s not just for show though, as the mod gives you the option to sleep longer and regain more health by doing so. You also get a fabulously cosy fire, some lovely decorations, a fishing pond outside and a bit of additional lighting. It seriously feels like more of a home with Waikuteru’s mod involved. You even get a pet chicken who will lay eggs for you. All you have to do is keep abusing it by poking it incessantly. So sure, you take your omelettes you terrible chicken hating human being.

What is great about Waikuteru’s mods is that they aren’t just for a show, although there is absolutely nothing wrong with mods that are only cosmetic. But there is something pretty awesome about mods that can be interacted with. Waikuteru has included so many awesome features here that actually contribute to the gameplay of Breath of the Wild, such as teleportation directly to your home, a stable to keep your horse in at your home and a fast travel spot. For all of what you can get from Waikuteru’s brilliant mod, make sure to check out the description on the YouTube video below and to download the mod for yourself, go to the link here.  Be sure to support Waikuteru on their Patreon here.

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