More Incredible Fan-Made Content with this Beautifully Wholesome Breath of the Wild Fan-Animation

by Antonia Haynes

Welcome to 2021! With my first blog post of the New Year, I wanted to do a post on my favourite thing to write on for the Goomba Stomp blog: fantastic fan-made content. So let’s take a look at what I found this time around.

I’m a huge animation fan and so one of my favourite kinds of fan-made content are fan animations as I have such huge respect for how long the animation process is and the skill that is needed. YouTuber shar only has four videos on her channel- all animations- but they are all of the highest quality and are amazingly done. Three of these four videos are animations related to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, with the two most recent videos being based on a fan-made alternate universe for the Nintendo game.

Shar’s videos aren’t particularly long- obviously, as animation is a hugely time consuming and costly process- but they are absolutely fantastic, perfectly bringing personality to the characters whilst staying true to the source material. “Texting” was released three months ago and is hugely relatable and wholesome, featuring Link and Zelda awkwardly texting each other. Zelda deletes and rewrites her message various times and panics when her message gets put on read without a response. We’ve all been there. Link then accidentally sends back a sticker saying “I Love You” before trying to type sorry several times but misspelling it. Again, this hits way too close to home. The most recent animation- called “commute” is slightly longer and shows the two characters on a train commute, interacting in an adorably awkward manner.

What I love about these animations is how there is no dialogue. The characters make the same noises that they do in the game but they don’t speak and this makes the animations feel all the more true to games, clearly made with a strong knowledge and love for the The Legend of Zelda series. Make sure to head over to shar’s YouTube channel and give her all the love and support that she deserves on her other social media links too: Twitter, Facebook, Ko-Fi, Tumblr and ArtStation.

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