The Developers of The Division Are Working on a New Open World Star Wars Game

by Jason Venter

Some people have suggested Disney wasn’t entirely thrilled with how Electronic Arts has handled the Star Wars franchise. Today seems to have provided proof such speculation wasn’t off the mark. Lucasfilm Games has announced a partnership with Ubisoft that will see the latter’s Massive Entertainment studio (best known for Tom Clancy’s The Division) create an open-world game set in a galaxy far, far away.

As reported at Wired, there aren’t a lot of specific details available just yet. Massive Entertainment is currently recruiting talent for the “Star Wars Project.” Already on board as creative director is Julian Gerighty, who previously directed both The Division 2 and The Crew. We also know the game will use the Snowdrop development engine, which Ubisoft has used to bring a number of ambitious projects to life, including multi-platform fare such as Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle and Starlink: Battle for Atlas.

Since 2012, when Disney acquired the Star Wars property, the only development partner producing major new Star Wars games has been Electronic Arts, beginning with 2015’s shooter revival, Star Wars: Battlefront. Successive titles have included a sequel to that game, as well as Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, and Star Wars: Squadrons.

Although the Electronic Arts Star Wars games have met with a generally favorable response from consumers, there haven’t been as many of them released during that time as Disney probably would like. A number of promising games were announced and later canceled during that time, which may have something to do with the anemic (by prior Lucasfilm standards) release schedule. However, the partnership apparently remains solid.

“We are proud of our long-standing collaboration with Lucasfilm Games,” an Electronic Arts representative told Ars Technica, “which will continue for years to come.”

With today’s announcement, which joins word from Lucasfilm Games yesterday that a new Indiana Jones game is on its way from Bethesda, it becomes clear someone at Disney has big ambitions for the medium once again. Disney itself hasn’t been properly active as a developer since releasing Disney Infinity 3.0, which also was Star Wars-focused.

Now that Lucasfilm Games is forging partnerships with studios besides Electronic Arts, are there any other Star Wars collaborations you would especially like to see? How about Darth Vader vs. Donkey Kong, or maybe a game where Sonic and Mario team up against Dr. Robotnik and Emperor Palpatine? Stranger things have happened, and with Lucasfilm Games now exploring new avenues, the sky may well be the limit!

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