The Cluvens Scorpion Computer Cockpit is a Literal Beast of A Gaming Chair

by Antonia Haynes

Ever wondered what it would feel like to be consumed by a giant scorpion? If the answer is no then you’re probably more mentally stable than I am but I digress. Cluvens Ltd- a company that specializes in designing “highly innovative, ergonomic and affordable computer cockpits”- has finally answered that oddly specific question with their incredible gaming cockpit design: The Scorpion.

In a world where technology is literally in every facet of what we do, this gaming setup still manages to be insanely impressive. The Scorpion Computer Cockpit looks as beastly as it sounds. I mean that in a good way of course. It literally looks as though it has been pulled straight from a science fiction movie. The legs of the cockpit creep outwards as if the chair is about to scuttle off at any moment whilst the armrests- which can be used to hold your keyboard while you game- are pointed in a pincer fashion to reflect its pinchy and poisony namesake. The most eye catching feature of the cockpit has to be the Scorpion tail. The tail rises up and overhangs the chair of the cockpit, allowing for multiple screens to be added to the very tip of the tail. Obviously intended for PC gamers, the Scorpion is highly functional and looks as though it could be altered for console gamers too. It is pretty damn impressive how the design so accurately reflects a Scorpion whilst still being a fully functional gaming chair/cockpit.

Of course, all of this awesomeness must come at a hefty price. When I say hefty, I certainly mean hefty. Cluvens website currently has the Scorpion down for a whopping $3299 (that is around £2563 to my fellow Brits) but certain suppliers are charging a little cheaper. Don’t expect to get the chair for anything under a thousand dollars though.

For more on this epic piece of gaming furniture, check out Cluvens official website where you will find all the specs and other necessary info on this behemoth of a gaming chair.

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