The Cinematography of Game of Thrones: The Most Beautiful Shots

by Ricky Fernandes da Conceição
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Usually, when we discuss Game of Thrones, we talk about the endless fan theories, the bloodcurdling deaths, the grieve-stricken kings and queens, the epic battles and the shocking plot twists – but rarely do we discuss the cinematography. Game of Thrones is a series known for its staggering visual achievements and groundbreaking levels of production design and since cinematography is a vital aspect of filmmaking that all too often goes overlooked, it would be a shame if we didn’t praise the show’s incredible visuals at least once before it goes off the air.

The mega-hit fantasy series has marked the changing of times and with each of its eight seasons, Game of Thrones has continued to push the possibilities of what filmmakers can bring to life on the small screen. Game of Thrones has a team of DPs across the globe who coordinate shoots together on a massive scale and when it comes to cinematography, there is no other series that can hold a candle to its craft. These cinematographers spend countless hours days perfecting the best shots for every scene in order to capture the image in the best way possible. Every sequence is carefully planned well in advance, with many images often foreshadowing things to come — sometimes years before those events unfold. And because Westeros is a world without electricity, lighting the sets can prove exceptionally challenging, and for a fantasy series that features the walking dead, giants, dragons and other fantastical creatures, the crew has come a long way in perfecting both practical effects and CGI magic.

The art of cinematography is far more complex than simply pointing a camera and clicking a button but regardless of our familiarity with the process of how it all works, we can all appreciate the results. Here are the 50 most beautiful images of Game of Thrones showcasing the best cinematography of all eight seasons of the show.

Editor’s Note: Due to the number of high-quality images, we have decided to split this article into two posts. This is Part Two


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