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The Cast of the Animated Super Mario Movie Has Inspired Some Creative Content



It’s been a few weeks since the cast of the Super Mario animated movie was announced and the Internet was quick to make meme after meme about the actors who will be voicing the infamous characters in the Illumination movie- including Chris Pratt as Mario and Charlie Day as Luigi. I waited a couple of weeks before writing this to in order to wait for some fan animations and I wasn’t disappointed. Let’s take a look at some of the creative content that was inspired by the announcement of the Mario movie cast.

Chris Pratt as Mario

This was an announcement that didn’t go over too well seeing as it doesn’t really feel right for the character. Pratt was good as Emmett in The Lego Movie and he’s a good actor but to me, Mario is an entirely different kind of character. That being said, some of the fan content that has come out has actually made me feel a little more confident about his casting. Still not a hundred percent, but I’m getting there. A particular scene from Guardians of the Galaxy 2 featuring Pratt’s character Peter Quill- wherein he discovers that his celestial father Ego purposely killed his mother- has been being used a lot in this fan videos. Let’s take a look at a few.

YouTuber Buzz Lighthole gives Pratt a Mario hat and moustache and makes his jacket red and blue with this cool edit. Jack Black makes an appearance as Bowser too (more on him later).

I really like Hey Mario’s take on the scene thanks to the little sound effects put in at the end. Perfection.

Lochy Animates creates an animatic of the scene featuring Mario hurling a fireball at Bowser. Kurt Russell’s voice is oddly fitting for Bowser too honestly.

NoNameDaGuy does something similar, instead using the game models to recreate the scene. Also, Mario has a gun now. Why not I guess?

Moving away from that Marvel scene, I have to say that this video from Nintega Dario [Nicolas Granola] was pretty much how I was feeling after the reveal. That weird Mario/Chris Pratt character model at the end there is also super creepy.

There are two videos in particular that actually made me feel super positive about Pratt’s involvement though. The first is this awesome animation from Camtoonist. Based on the Super Mario 64 title screen with Mario’s huge floating head, the animation is full of life and character and Pratt actually sounds great. The audio is taken from The Lego Movie– where he does a fantastic job voicing the main character Emmet- so it’s not that surprising that it works so well.

The second is this animation from blendernoob64, again using audio from The Lego Movie. The charm of Emmet with Pratt’s vocals is what made the character in The Lego Movie so likeable so hopefully this will transition over to the movie too. Unfortunately, this is Illumination we are talking about (Minions, remember?) so it’s probably not going to be an animated masterpiece but as long as it’s entertaining enough and still feels true to the Mario franchise then it could be a good time.

Charlie Day as Luigi

I actually love this casting honestly. Day was also in The Lego Movie as Benny the Astronaut and his shrill voice and the Italian-American undertones in his accent make for what could be a great take on Luigi, Mario’s somewhat timid younger brother. Day is known for his role as Charlie in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and so a fair amount of the fan made content focuses on replicating scenes from the show with Luigi as Charlie.

An infamous and meme inducing scene regarding a “Pepe Silvia” from the show perfectly shows off Charlies unique eccentricity and it works so well with Luigi’s character in this SFM by TOGK. Mario’s concerned expression and Luigi’s animations are too perfect for words. If you weren’t sold by Day as Luigi, this animation is going to at least make you think twice about it.

We go back to the talented blendernoob64 now as they also take a scene from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia– featuring Charlie talking to a therapist. The therapist is excellently cast as Toadette by the way. That was a stroke of genius. I can imagine Luigi saying how he thinks that bleach both smells and tastes good and that he likes hanging out in the sewer. Not sure why but it fits.

Warning for some naughty words now as this animation from Hobo Hobo shows Luigi playing a lovely piano tune. Again, this just works and I really don’t know why.

This animatic from Salmiakki A. was actually my favourite find when looking through these videos. The answers are so Luigi. He likes ghouls, magnets and “milksteak.” I really hope that they have Luigi as a bit of an eccentric oddball in the movie as Charlie Day plays that part splendidly.

Just Charlie Day as Luigi beating up some thieving Koopas .Thanks to Emuvies for this masterpiece.

Seth Rogen as Donkey Kong

This is a casting that felt kind of weird at first but after some deliberation- with some help from this fan content- I think it could work. Much like in this video by BenaticBro excellently titled “Seth Rogen DK could work”. The animatic features audio from The 40 Year Old Virgin and…yeah, it works. DK as a secret novelist is actually pretty awesome too.

blendernoob64 is back with wonderful animation set to some audio from Pineapple Express. Donkey Kong is great here but James Franco’s chilled out Funky Kong is brilliant too.

You can’t think of Seth Rogen without thinking of his iconic laugh and this short clip from Cyber’s Hell shows what it might look like coming out of Donkey Kong. Spoiler alert: it’s oddly fitting.

This animatic from Forever Judai uses audio from the film Knocked Up to suggest a rather different plot for the Mario animated movie. This is hilarious but I’m pretty sure this would mentally scar too many children for it to be canon.

Jack Black as Bowser

Jack Black’s casting as Mario’s nemesis Bowser has led to a fair amount of rocking dude Bowser memes. Let’s take a look.

Bowser rocks at the annual Koopa Talent Show in this cool animatic from FreeGlass Art. That’s got to win first place right?

Bugtendo shows that Bowser’s villainous ways comes about as a reaction to Mario’s constant negativity. It explains a lot when you think about it.  

Tytofi’s takes audio from Kung-Fu Panda and damn does it work so well with both Jack Black’s Bowser and Seth Rogen’s Donkey Kong making an appearance. I love the casting of fellow Super Smash Brothers fighters Isabelle, Greninja, Samus and Star Fox taking on the roles of The Furious Five too. Tytofi notes that it took them two weeks to do this and I just have to say, it was so worth it. Amazing work!

We return to blendernoob64 for a speech from Bowser featuring audio from Jack Black in School of Rock. Bowser being a rock god of sorts could be a really interesting way to go with the movie. He must have those spiky bracelets for a reason right? He’s clearly a heavy metal edge lord.

Anya Taylor Joy as Princess Peach

This casting was the least controversial of the announcements, so much so that I could hardly find anything related to the role. Anya-Taylor Joy is an excellent actress and she has done voice acting before. Her voice is also well suited to a character like Peach, though not as squeakily high pitched (which isn’t a negative). The funniest clip I could find was this short edit from Internet_FilthyGuy on YouTube. Let’s be real, this was most of the internet’s reaction when they announced Chris Pratt as Mario.

Keegan Michael-Key as Toad

This is such a weird casting but I also love it. Most of the clips I could find about Toad’s casting use a skit from the Key & Peele show called “The Substitue Teacher.” Check them out below.

Why is it so easy to imagine Toad teaching inner city school kids? I feel like it should be harder to imagine it. Thanks to Jordan Animations for this, though I have to say that Toad is super creepy when he is that large.

The skit is used somewhat differently in this video from Argi A, replicating a battle from Paper Mario with a line of Toads obliterating Mario via voice lines from the “Substitute Teacher” sketch.  I fricking love the creativity of this. Plus the quotes that are used are perfect. My favourite is, “You done messed up Ay-Ay Ron!”

Whilst we are on Ay-Ay Ron, here is a short and sweet clip from Context Eats Pants.

A little bit of a different take here as instead of using the original audio with an animation, Jehtt uses the original scene but dubs over Keegan Michael- Key with a Toad like voiceover. I don’t know which is funnier to be honest. Both? Let’s go with both.

Simplyput12345 goes for a simpler route with this post but it’s one of the comments on the video that caught my attention. Flavio Miranda Silva commented, “Would be funny if in the movie all toads sound just like in the games, except for the main toad character, who sounds like this.” I actually love this idea. Please make this happen.

Another “Key & Peele” sketch gets an animatic and in this one, Key does a lot of unintelligible screaming which makes for a pretty good convincing Toad voice. He nails it. Thanks to Chicken Breasts for this awesome animatic.

To round off, here are a few general videos on the casting announcement that had me laughing out loud.

Credit: ERB Funnies
Credit: Tea Common Shark
Credit: Sweetcommando

Side note: Danny Devito as Wario is the best thing ever.

Credit: Dolan Darker
credit: jaxon Pham

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