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The Amusingly Disturbing Resident Evil Village Mods Bring in Barney the Dinosaur, Thomas the Tank Engine, and More



How much do you love these Resident Evil Village mods?

You’ve probably figured out by now that I am rather a large fan of mods if you read this blog often. Not only can they be a great way to add practical features to games- such as weapon mods- and showcase the talent of the creators (seriously, I have no idea how you modders do it you talented people), but they can also be hilariously weird and random. There have been times when I have watched mod videos and have been cheered up immensely by them. One of the popular games to mod at the moment is the recently released Resident Evil Village, so today we are going to take a look at some of the oddest mods for the game. Let’s go!

YouTuber ToastedShoes creates videos highlighting some of the best and weirdest mods out there and Resident Evil Village is the latest game that the YouTuber has showcased. This includes player character Ethan Winters becoming Mickey Mouse, Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters being replaced by Thomas the Tank Engine, Looney Tune Lola Bunny, Elastigirl from The Incredibles, and Fiona from Shrek and various enemies being replaced by characters like Handsome Squidward and Olaf the Snowman from Frozen. These are just to name a few of the insane mods that ToastedShoes shows off in his videos. I found some of the ones that he uses on Nexus Mods which I will talk about individually below but it seriously feels like a bizarre fever dream watching these. In a good way. The modders who helped with this video are the following: Raq, MrMarco, George, Darkness Valtier, and J.C Thornton.

That delightful Thomas the Tank Engine as Lady Dimitrescu mod comes courtesy of Crazy Potato over on Nexus Mods- officially and wonderfully named “Count Theodora”– and it is glorious in every way. What I particularly love about this mod is how Thomas’s carriages stick out at the back. It would have been way easier just to make a Thomas face for everyone’s favourite tall vampire lady but Crazy Potato went all out with it and the Internet loves them for it. Also, Thomas’s mouth is animated which makes for some true nightmare fuel. Perfection.

Whilst ToastedShoes uses a mod that replaces the art in the in-game mansion with various memes, this one from KushAstronaut instead replaces the art with Spongebob Squarepants-related memes. We do see that Squidward painting in Toasted Shoes’ video but some of the other beautiful Spongebob paintings in KushAstronaut’s mod are just glorious. I am all here for that Spongebob fine art.

Another mod that was used in ToastedShoes’s video is the “Banana Gun and the Spoon Knife” from EvilLord akaStevebg23 on Nexus Mods. As you have probably guessed, the mod replaces the gun and knife weapon models in-game with a banana and a spoon respectively. This one is a great reminder of the importance of your potassium intake.

You can play as the lady herself– Lady Alcina Dimitrescu- with this next mod from Raq– whose work is included in ToastedShoes video- on Nexus Mods. Let’s be real here, she is way more interesting and charismatic than Ethan anyway. This is a mod we can all get behind.

The next two mods are on the bizarrely hilarious end of the mod scale. One of these replaces the baby’s face in-game with Chris Redfield’s face– leading to an ungodly man baby creature- whilst the other mod does the opposite, replacing Chris’s face with the face of Ethan’s baby. Again, ungodly man baby creature. Both of these mods were created by the talented JTegh on Nexus Mods.

I’m bringing back a creator who I have talked about a lot before with these next mods-MarcosRC– whose Resident Evil content is always top-notch. This time around, MarcosRC has given us another reason to be terrified of the Teletubbies. Tinky Winky takes on the role of the monsters in Resident Evil Village with this mod. Creepy does not even begin to describe it. MarcosRC also has a mod that uses Barney the Dinosaur rather than Tinky Winky and this one is a little more childhood ruining for me personally. MarcosRC has made tons of mods for the game so make sure to check them out on their YouTube channel.

And of course, there are always going to be the sexy mods when a character in a game captures the Internet’s attention in the way that Lady Dimitrescu has. YouTuber GAMERALISIMUS has created a compilation video of various outfit mods for the lady and- fair warning- some of them are a little bit risqué. Some actually work amazingly well for her though, like a change in colour of her dress from white to black which- oddly enough- makes a huge difference.

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