The AEW Weekly: Sting, Impact And The future

by Ian Goodwillie
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Sting Makes A Surprise AEW Debut On Dynamite

Every week AEW brings fans two shows filled to their respective brims with pro wrestling goodness. The first one is AEW Dark, which pops up on YouTube with incredibly different run times each week. Then, Wednesday evening is two hours of AEW Dynamite, the flagship of the company. But Sting showed up so everything else kind of faded away.

Sting AEW

AEW Dark: December 1st Episode

This week’s episode of Dark clocked in at two hours and 16 minutes. That’s a lot of wrestling, to say the least. AEW used the time to follow up on their women’s division push with several great matches throughout the show.

Oddly enough, Britt Baker’s new talk show was noticeable by its absence. But they may have skipped this week due to Baker being scheduled for a big match the next night on Dynamite. Either way, they need to keep the segment going as it has huge potential.

The Good

Shanna made her return to AEW this week and looked amazing. Due to the pandemic, she was quarantined in France for almost a year. It was hard not to be impressed as she put on one hell of a match.

Brandon Cutler, “Pretty” Peter Avalon, and Leva Bates all picked up singles victories on the same show. The three of them have fully put their former team behind, and the future looks great for them. That being said, what the endgame is for any of them is still unclear.

Red Velvet proved she belongs in this division in a solid match with Lady Frost. Frankly, Frost has a great match, too. These are the kind of talents you build a division around, and AEW seems to be getting the message about Red Velvet in particular.

Red Velvet AEW Dark

KiLynn King continued to build momentum by picking up another convincing victory. She has proven herself time and time again. However AEW sees her fitting into the women’s division, it’s time to put that plan into motion.

The Bad

Chaos Project picked up another win for no reason. Their matches have devolved into Luther using Serpentico to bludgeon their opponents into submission. The amount of actual wrestling in their matches seems to be decreasing on a weekly basis.

Devoting any screen time, including on YouTube, to them seems like a colossal waste when you consider the number of amazing tag teams in AEW. Top Flight or TNT really could have used a match this week instead of using precious time to push whatever Chaos Project is.

The Ugly

The ongoing burial of Sonny Kiss and Joey Janela continued with another loss. This time, it was as part of a triple threat tag team match. Watching their push dry up more and more each week is becoming increasingly painful. Both of these guys are better than the weird limbo AEW has inexplicably left them in.

AEW Dynamite: December 2nd Episode

Well, that was sure a whole thing. Some of the biggest developments in the short history of AEW went down this week. Tony Kahn took some huge swings., including a new relationship with Impact and a multi-year contract for the legend Sting. But there were also some great wrestling matches.

The Good

Leyla Hirsch made her return to Dynamite in a great match against Britt Baker. The good doctor came out with a hard-fought victory, then got jumped by Thunder Rosa. Reba/Rebel got involved, only to get wiped out by Hirsch. The long term story this is setting up is absolutely fantastic, and is the kind booking the AEW women’s division needs.

Darby Allin and Cody Rhodes came out on top of a hell of a tag match with Powerhouse Hobbs and Ricky Starks. Everyone looks great, though that wasn’t a surprise. Naturally, Team Taz jumped the boys after the match. Dustin Rhodes came out for the save to no avail.

That’s when Sting appeared, his first time on TNT since WCW went off the air in 2001. Team Taz ran like scalded dogs, then Sting got in the face of the members of The Nightmare Family and Darby. What comes next will be interesting, to say the least.

Kenny Omega versus Jon Moxley was the match everyone wanted it to be. Honestly, it might have been the best match wrestled in AEW to date. If this was WWE, it was worthy of the main event of WrestleMania. That being said, WWE probably would have had them face off on the pre-show.

Omega ultimately won the championship, ending Moxley’s reign at an impressive 277 days. The big news was what happened after the match. Don Callis, who was on commentary, left with Omega, saying the new champ would be on Impact next week.

While the full details of this new partnership between AEW and Impact are still forthcoming, the potential is limitless. This could be like WWE’s Invasion storyline many years ago, except this one might actually be good.

The Bad

The opening Dynamite Diamond Battle Royale wasn’t particularly interesting, though that isn’t the fault of AEW at all. Battle Royale matches are used a lot in pretty much every wrestling company. It’s hard to make them engaging or unique.

That being said, MJF and Orange Cassidy being the finalists was a good call. Watching them compete for that pretty diamond ring MJF carries around should be interesting as well as a good match. Orange Cassidy with that kind of bling is an oddly engaging concept.

Chris Jericho versus Frankie Kazarian wasn’t a bad match, but there also wasn’t anything particularly special about it. Really, it only happened as part of the setup for whatever’s going on with the Inner Circle. Still, it was nice to see two pros like them face off for the first time in a singles match.

The Ugly

There was nothing ugly about Dynamite this week at all. Sting is All Elite. Kenny Omega has taken his rightful place on the top of AEW. And there’s a partnership brewing between AEW and Impact. It was a big week for AEW, capped off by their biggest Dynamite ever.

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